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Virtual cockpit

With the Audi virtual cockpit, all information appears directly in front of the driver’s eyes with pin-sharp clarity. The 12.3-inch TFT display has a high resolution of 1,140 x 540 pixels and is powered by a Tegra 30 chip from partner Nvidia’s Tegra 3 series. This ensures that readouts such as the speedometer and rev counter are depicted with supreme precision.

The driver has a choice of two views. In the classic view, the round dials dominate the layout, whereas in the “infotainment mode” the navigation, telephone, Audi connect or media functions are brought more to the fore.

The display modes of the Audi virtual cockpit are as flexible as they are versatile: navigation arrows, dynamic vehicle¬ animations, the images from the reversing camera or assistance system graphics can all be shown here. The intuitive and intelligent operation also plays a vitally important role here.