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Endowed professorships

AUDI AG supports endowed professorships at German universities, which can be considered an important contribution by the company to the development of universities in Germany and thus for society as a whole.

An endowed professorship is a professorship that is not, or is not exclusively, funded from the basic budget of a university, but instead is partially or fully financed by a third-party donor. The duration of these professorships is usually limited, such as for a five-year period. Afterwards, the expenses are borne by the university.

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Botsch

    Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences,
    Vehicle Safety and Signal Processing,
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Prof. Dr. Boris Otto

    Technical University of Dortmund,
    Supply Chain and International Information Logistics,
    Faculty of Economics

  • Prof. Dr. Gerd J. Hahn

    German Graduate School of Management and Law Heilbronn,
    Operations Management and Process Innovation