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MQ! The Mobility Quotient

It used to be intelligence; and then it was empathy. Now our most important characteristic is flexibility. We have to adapt more and more quickly to changes and use them to our advantage. We always have to consider one question: How efficiently do I move through space, time and society?

MQ! The Mobility Quotient is a platform that was established by Audi last year in order to find out whether we can explore flexibility and thereby, measure mobility. We want to know: Can we define a Mobility Quotient? And if so: Which dimensions of mobility have an impact on it? Is it social, spatial, sustainable or temporal mobility? Or might there be even more factors?

With smaller MQ! Hubs in the pipeline and an MQ! Innovation Summit taking place on November 8 and 9 this year we once again will get down to answering these questions with forward-thinking, like-minded people who #neverstopquestioning. Save the date!
The next quotient: MQ

Our goal? To define, and over the long term; establish a mobility quotient, an MQ, as a scientifically based standard for shaping the mobility of an organization or individual. Thus, the MQ determines the level of flexibility of a person or an organization in the dimensions of space, time, sustainability and society.

2017: the first MQ! Innovation Summit

Want to know what happened at the first MQ! Innovation Summit run by Audi?

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