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We’re staying at home and social distancing, but nevertheless, in the current situation, we want to bring the world of Audi closer to you. How? Quite simply with a series of inspiring ways in which you can experience Audi online.

Audi A7 Sportback TFSI e: Consumption, combined*: petrol 1.6–1.4 l/100km | power 17.9–16.9 kWh/100km (WLTP)CO₂ emissions, combined*: 36–32 g/km

Audi A7 Sportback TFSI e: Consumption, combined*: petrol 1.6–1.4 l/100km | power 17.9–16.9 kWh/100km (WLTP)CO₂ emissions, combined*: 36–32 g/km

A virtual journey of discovery with Audi: our online factory tour

Have you always wanted to know where your car was built and to take a look behind the scenes at Audi? We’ll take you to our Ingolstadt site, where you can experience the Audi production line live online. Every Wednesday, our guides will live stream a tour through our factory, offering you exclusive insights on the way.

Since May 2020 you can also explore the new interactive “Insight Audi Design” live stream. The tour guides explain how the designers work and show how the team is developing the design language of the future. You can also ask the guide questions on topics of particular interest to you.

If you’re interested in our historic vehicles and would like to know the story behind the ‘four rings’, we also recommend a visit to our Audi Museum. You can do that easily online too.

Dream about tomorrow today: the Audi online configurator

Dream about tomorrow today: the Audi online configurator

As we all know, the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. With the Audi 3D car configurator, you can put together your dream Audi on your PC or laptop in 3D and in real time. What colour do I want my car to be, what optional extras do I need and how will my model perform on the road?

You can experience your animated car interactively in the configurator and discover the smallest details for yourself in a realistic way. And if you have any questions, our experts will be available in a live online chat.

Configure your Audi

Configure your desired model or find available new or used cars. Find out more about current offers on your Audi country page.

    New car, new world: VR test drive in the Audi e-tron Sportback

    New car, new world: VR test drive in the Audi e-tron Sportback

    Visitors to “Virtual Market 4” could look at the digital version of the Audi e-tron Sportback from April 29 to May 10, 2020 and could even take a test drive. The “Virtual Market”, created by the Japanese company Hikky, was taking place for the fourth time and is one of the largest virtual reality events in the world. Participants can move through virtual space as 3D characters, visit "booths" and interact with each other. Audi was the first automobile manufacturer to have a stand this year - alongside other companies such as Netflix, Panasonic and Sega. There, new features, design and technology of the Audi e-tron Sportback were explained live by Audi avatars. In addition, the user could test drive the new model through the virtual world.

    Soundtrack of my life: this is what a genuine Audi sounds like

    Has your car been in the garage for some time now and only moved very occasionally? As a car lover, you may start to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The feel of the leather steering wheel, the smell of the car’s interior and the satisfying sound of the engine’s six cylinders. As far as the latter is concerned, we can offer you some relief. With our sound modules, you can bring the unmistakeable Audi sound into your home. Inveterate fans of Audi motorsport can instantly identify the model from the soundtrack. Can you?

    Audi on the big screen: the best films with Audi in a supporting role

    Hollywood and Audi – it’s something of a tradition. Our cars have already had a ‘driving’ role in many productions from “the Dream Factory”. Why not settle down on the sofa with some popcorn and stream superhero films such as ‘Iron Man’, ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Captain America’. Audi also features in movies such as ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘I, Robot’.

    For a bit more peace in your home office: the Audi colouring book

    Are the kids going stir-crazy at home? Our Audi colouring book for small and, of course, big fans of Audi will create a little more peace and quiet in these challenging times of home working. Have fun together, and once your little artists have finished their colouring in, we’d be delighted if you’d share their artworks with us under the hashtag AudiTogether.

    Audi live in concert: Music connects

    On Tuesday, 14 April, Audi became musical. Famous classical musicians such as Lisa Batiashvili, Maximilian Hornung, François Leleux, Sarah Christian and Jano Lisboa, presented an exclusive ‘Concert of Solidarity’ live from the Audi wind tunnel in Ingolstadt under the slogan ‘Music brings us together’. In an exclusive interview Lisa Batiashvili explains her situation as an artist in times like this.



    We’re staying in touch: #AudiTogether

    We’re staying in touch: #AudiTogether

    We’re staying in touch with you across all our social media channels under #AudiTogether. Shared campaigns on instagram, such as the #FourRingsChallenge, the Audi quartet #40yearsofquattro, our Pop quiz and many other activities are livening up our network. We believe in our shared strength and under the motto “We are in this together”, we are connecting the solidarity of the Audi brand with our employees and, of course, with you too. Come and visit us – digitally, at least.



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    Let‘s use our time at home to get creative. Use your imagination to create the four rings at home. Take a photo of your artwork and share it with us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using: #FourRingsChallenge #AudiTogether

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