Nestled in the dunes on the Dutch North Sea coast, Zandvoort offers drivers and fans alike an old-school circuit that sees the DTM race cars come alive over the angulating layout.
Racing in the dunes 

Zandvoort is regarded as one of the most beautiful circuits on the DTM calendar and one with a unique atmosphere, thanks to its location. The race track is located directly next to dunes flanking the coastline and brings a unique holiday feeling to the paddock. But, that does not mean that anything is relaxed, as the racing is still red hot on the tarmac.

Race facts 

The circuit offers many elevation changes with high-speed sections, whilst also providing some slow, treacherous parts. Overall, the circuit is very varied and a fantastic challenge for the drivers. It offers little room for mistakes, because there are virtually no run-off areas – only gravel and sand.


For the set-up, the focus is on a lot of downforce for the long, fast turns. At the same time, however, top speed on the straight must not be neglected.

Circuit Zandvoort