A historic race for Formula E: for the first time the series is visiting a street circuit in Switzerland. It is also the first circuit race in Switzerland since they were banned in 1955.
Daniel Abt about Zurich

“Looking at it from my home town of Kempten, Zurich is even closer than Berlin, so I have a direct link to Switzerland in that respect too. In recent years, there’s always been talk about Switzerland wanting to host a Formula E race – and now it worked out. Switzerland is generally a country that is enthusiastic about motorsport.”

Race Facts

Date: June 10, 2018

Track name: tba

Track length: tba

Turns: tba

Traffic in Zurich

Zurich has a widely branched, modern public transportation network that is unrivaled in the world: trams, buses, ships, commuter trains and cable cars form a dense and efficient public transportation offering. In spite of the well-developed public transit system, the burden posed by privately owned motor vehicles is considerable. Due to the city’s further urban development, continuing urban sprawl into larger areas and the trend toward a recreational society, an increase in traffic volume can be expected. According to “Strategies Zurich 2025,” the largest city in Switzerland responds to the growing mobility needs by expanding public transit systems, improvements for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and an attractive design of public space.