Höljes is certainly the craziest round of the year. In the middle of the forest in central Sweden on 30 June and 31 July, over 40,000 fans celebrate a huge party with music, barbeque, cold drinks and of course rallycross – magic.
Parties and trophies

The home race for EKS is not just special because most of the fans speak the language of the Swedish team. Mattias Ekström has already celebrated two victories at the Höljes Motorstadion, one of which was the first win in his team’s history. “The track, the fans, the atmosphere … Höljes has earned its nickname – the magic weekend,” says Ekström.

Race facts

The track in Höljes presents divers with many challenges from start to finish. Already when braking into turn 1, it goes over a small bump with a maximum space of three cars. Then follows the normal lap with a small jump or alternatively the slower joker section.

Afterward, the Motordrom frequently offers some heated wheel-to-wheel position duels, before the drivers can accelerate their super cars to around 180 km/h. On the way to the finish line, there is the most spectacular jump of the year.

The circuit in Höljes is 1.210 kilometres long and is 60 percent asphalt and 40 percent gravel.

Höljes Motorstadion