The first round outside of Europe takes place in Trois-Rivières on 4 and 5 August. Like last year, the event in Canada will be part of the GP3R Festival.
Heading overseas

First the logistics, then the race. For weeks, the 560 hp super cars will be travelling in containers on the high seas before they can reach Canada and be prepared for the round in Trois-Rivières. But the effort is worth it. On the street circuit, which runs over a racecourse, the drivers have already provided many wild duels.

Race facts

The longest straight on the world championship calendar is spectacular, as it leads to a super fast right-hand turn, which can be taken at almost full throttle. Just before turn 2 the track narrows noticeably and the breaks have to be slammed on fully for the first time.

Two jumps and many other very narrow and material-straining passages demand a lot from not only the driver, but also from the mechanics, who need to do a lot of work in the pits for the car set-up.

The circuit in Trois-Rivères is 1.370 kilometres long and is 59 percent asphalt and 41 percent gravel.

Circuit Trois-Rivières