Back to Europe and already the next highlight: No event in the World Rallycross Championship draws in so many spectators as the visit to Lohéac. About 70,000 are expected to pack the natural grandstands on the slopes around the circuit in Brittany on 1 and 2 September.

The impressive and knowledgeable crowd in the rallycross-fanatic country of France brings an extra spur of motivation for the drivers, who can hardly hide from the spectators all weekend. Not that they would want to, of course, as this up-close contact with the idols is one of the great advantages of rallycross.

Race facts

The circuit in Lohéac is basically a classic racing circuit because the gravel is very firm. There are almost exclusively fast passages where overtaking is not impossible, as long as you are good enough on the brakes. This suits race track specialist Mattias Ekström in his Audi S1 EKS RX quattro.

It is a spectacular sight when the cars enter a long side-by-side section with the normal track and the joker lap running in parallel. A large concrete wall separates the opponents on either side, but it is not common for hard door-to-door contact when the two section of track merge back into one.

The circuit in Lohéac is 1.070 kilometres long and is 33 percent asphalt and 67 percent gravel.

Circuit de Lohéac