South Africa will once again be the venue for the season finale of the World Rallycross Championship. On 24 and 25 November, the final round of the year will take place in Cape Town.
Singing praises

Last year, drivers and fans hardly ever got out of the daydream. Exciting races from the first to the last heats, an extremely spectator-friendly track, which is completely visible from almost every vantage point, and the impressive Table Mountain as a backdrop were just a few highlights that added to the infatuation. It was also competitive: Mattias Ekström celebrated third place on the podium in 2017 and he would like to finish even better this year.

Race facts

The circuit was built during 2016 and impressed during its premiere last year. The drivers praised the flowing layout that has a big jump and a spectacular combination of the normal race track sections and the joker lap located just before the finish line.

Even the long radius first right-hand turn, which flows into a tight left on gravel, was convincing. After the first gravel section and another straight, a corner follows and then only in the last part comes the longer joker lap, which is driven completely on gravel.

The circuit in Cape Town is 1.067 kilometres long and is 60 percent asphalt and 40 percent gravel.

Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town