More room for diversity

Every person is unique. Regardless of age, gender or way of life, regardless of origin or physical condition. Being unique unites us as human beings and is the foundation for our diversity – far beyond categories, preconceptions and stereotypes.

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Dimensions of diversity

In the work environment, diversity represents not only open and tolerant cooperation but also economic success and sustainable competitiveness. Only a company that encourages all employees to contribute their unique skills can exploit its full potential for the company’s success and remain innovative long term. To shape the future, we want to foster the development of each individual and further strengthen the culture of diversity in our company.

I’m convinced that a culture of diversity can support us significantly in tapping into our innovation potential.

Bram Schot, acting Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG

Diversity at Audi

For us as a company, diversity means cooperation of people from different cultures, generations and genders, of people with and without limitations and of people with various partner models and ways of life. We see ourselves as a vibrant and integrative organization that draws its innovative strength from a variety of perspectives, skills and backgrounds. Ensuring equal career opportunities and a work environment free of discrimination is a primary concern for us. Fair, open and tolerant cooperation is therefore an elementary component of our corporate culture. Diversity affects all divisions at Audi and all employees, from top managers to employees on the assembly line. Each person is asked to commit to openness and tolerance in their daily lives and to actively contribute to diversity.

International scope and cultural background

Audi employs people from over 100 nations. Their language and cultural skills are the key to new markets and target groups. Only with a cosmopolitan mindset can Audi remain sustainable.

8,4 % international Employees

Generational diversity

Five different generations work together in our company. This kind of generational diversity can present points of friction. But teams with a mix of ages have proven to lead to greater productivity. Combining a wealth of experience and resilience, life experience and creativity results in great added value for the company.


Audi views the topic of inclusion within the context of comprehensive integration management. Social responsibility and our special commitment to our employees are in the spotlight here. The focus of attention here is not on the deficits of the individual employee but rather on their strengths and potential. Barriers are also to be dismantled so that people with severe disabilities also enjoy access to the Audi working world as a matter of course.

Employees AUDI AG


With disabilities

6,1 %


We are striving to steadily increase the proportion of women, especially in divisions where the focus is on technology. In order to get girls and young women interested in technology and the Audi brand from an early stage in their career orientation, we actively participate in programs like Girls’ Day and the Women in Research Camp.

AUDI AG in total

15,2 %


29,1 %


10,1 %

% = percentage of women at AUDI AG; non-binary persons are currently not measured

Status: Audi Sustainability Report 2017

Diversity at Audi has many faces

What makes our company what it is? It is the people who use their enthusiasm, their creativity and their extensive knowledge for innovative technologies and products each and every day. We make sure they can contribute 100 percent to Audi.


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