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Your personal and professional success is fundamentally built upon your experience: Where did you execute your internship? Where did you initiate your career? For that, Audi gives you a competitive advantageous start.

In order to be able to say later: "I have made the right decision", Audi supports you in many ways in the orientation and selection of the right career for you with one-week student internships and information sessions on the respective training vacancies.

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Pupils internship in Ingolstadt

One-week student internships are offered to pupils from Middle, Business, Secondary Schools (with M-train) and High Schools in 9th grade, also to Secondary School (without M-Train) and other 8th grade students in the following training positions:

One-week internship

Automation and IT occupations
  • IT specialist specialization application development
  • Specialist in computer science specializing in system integration
  • Mechatronics engineer
Vehicle-related jobs
  • Vehicle painter
  • Body and vehicle mechanics specializing in body and vehicle construction
  • Automotive mechatronics engineer
Manufacturing process professions
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Production mechanic
  • Technical modeler specializing in bodywork and production
  • Technical product designer specialization product design and construction
  • Toolmaker
  • Cutting Mechanic
Other occupations (only during the holidays)
  • Specialist for system catering
  • Factory fireman

We offer two-day student internships for pupils from Middle, Business, Secondary Schools (with M-train) and High Schools in the 9th class in the following training positions during the holidays:

Two-day student internship

Commercial and IT jobs
  • IT management assistant
  • Office management assistant

Pupils internship in Neckarsulm

One-week student internships are offered year-round for students of Secondary and Middle schools in the following occupations:

One-week internship

Different jobs
  • Electronics technician for automation technology
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Vehicle painter
  • Production mechanic
  • Body and vehicle mechanics, specializing in body and vehicle construction
  • Automotive mechatronics engineer
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Material tester (not possible all year round, only by agreement - see contact, Pupil’s internship in Neckarsulm)
  • Toolmaker

Student internship for engineering positions

At the Audi locations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, in one-week period during the student internship / Career orientation at High-School Baden-Wurttemberg within the framework of guided tours and lectures, you will gain insights in various business areas such as development, design or logistics and many more.


Pupils who...

  • attend at least the 9th grade at a High-school or Technical secondary school
  • want to complete a mandatory or voluntary internship
  • indicate good academic performance (especially in mathematics and physics)

Application documents to be submitted

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current certificates
  • Possibly a proof of compulsory internship from the respective school

Your application in Ingolstadt

Pupils intership in Ingolstadt
Application period from September 16th to Dezember 20th

Student internship for engineering positions

There are two appointments per year for the pupils internship in Ingolstadt:

  • April 23rd to April 26th, 2019 | Application period expired
  • July 15th to July 19th, 2019 | Application period expired

Application for Neckarsulm

Pupils internship in Neckarsulm


Student internship for engineering positions

There are two appointments per year for the pupils internship at the Neckarsulm location:

  • May 6th to May 10th, 2019 | Application period expired
  • September 2nd to September 6th, 2019 | Application period expired


Pupils internship in Ingolstadt

Tel. :  +49 841 89-33539

E-Mail:  ausbildungsmarketing@audi.de


Pupils internships in Neckarsulm

Tel. +49 7132 31-2538

E-Mail: hans-peter.frey@audi.de

What else you need to know…

I need a confirmation for the school. Can you fill this out for me?
The letter of invitation or written confirmation is the ratification for an internship and serves as a template for the school. Unfortunately, we cannot fill in other documents.
I already did a student internship at Audi. Can I do another one?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to serve several student internships because we want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to complete a pupil internship at Audi.

We embrace diversity, actively encourage inclusion and create an environment that fosters each employee’s individuality in the interests of the company.

Just for reasons of easier readability, only the grammatical male form is used in person names. This always means people of every gender identity.


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