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Job applications at Audi: helpful tips from an Audi recruiting manager

The car industry is changing quickly. And, as it changes, so do the demands on applicants. Audi recruiting and talent acquisition manager James Garrett explains in an interview what working life is like at Audi and provides insight into the application process.

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Applying at Audi: James Garrett, recruiting and talent acquisition manager
Insights into job applications at Audi: As the recruiting and talent acquisition manager, James Garrett makes sure that Audi and the appropriate applicants find their way to each other.

Working at Audi: What is a position at Audi like nowadays?
James Garrett: Many occupations have gained a large digital component over the last year. This is also the case here at Audi. On our path from automobile manufacturer towards a premium digital car company, we are actively promoting digitalization – not just with our products. A digitalized work place and the intertwining of humans with digital technology, as for example in the Smart Factory, is becoming ever more present. One example can be found in logistics, where we use virtual reality glasses for training purposes. They allow us a simulation of the various packaging steps. We have found this to have a great learning effect on our employees.

What basic qualifications must an applicant bring along these days?
This strongly depends on the field of expertise, from which the candidate wishes to start his career at Audi. An applicant should definitely bring along an inquisitive nature and be open to new topics. Many work areas in the company are in the process of merging.

“Our employees in human resources look at every single application.”

James Garrett, Audi acquisition manager

Let’s say I have just graduated from university, and after completing my first internships, I would now like to start my professional career – how do I apply for a position at Audi?
Your main source of information is the Audi career page. All available positions at Audi are listed there. If you are interested in a position and have submitted your personal data and cover letter online, we will check your application to see if you would be a good fit. For example, we evaluate if you bring the necessary work experience for the entry level. If your profile fits the requirements, we will invite you for an interview. We also offer trainee programs and volunteering positions in our communications department for people who want to enter the company right after completing their studies. My tip: just click through the job openings on our portal and familiarize yourself with the different options.

What happens after applying for a job at Audi? How does the selection process work?
Our employees in human resources look at every single application. A human being is much more capable of reading between the lines than a computerized system.

James Garrett during an interview

Audi jobs: applicants have no need to be nervous – the roughly one-hour long interviews take place at eye-level.

If I receive an invitation, what should I expect in the job interview at Audi?
During the interview, you will meet a colleague from your field and a recruiter. We want to get to know you personally. Just as important, however: you get to know Audi as a potential employer at eye-level. We see job interviews as an exchange and dialogue, not a lecture.

What questions should I expect in a job interview with Audi?
A general tip: go through your CV in-depth beforehand. You will definitely have to present it during the conversation and be able to show why you fit to the position, based on your previous various working stations. Following the principle: the experience required in this position, I have already gained here and there. We will also ask many personal questions, as we are very interested in the individual stories behind the facts.

Do you have an example for such a personal question?
What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? Are you involved in any social club? With these questions you can answer what defines and moves you.

Are there any forbidden questions for a job interview at Audi?
In regards to certain questions, there are legal regulations, indeed. We will definitely not ask you about your political views.

How long does such a job interview at Audi take on average?
We usually plan approximately an hour for an interview. I remember my first appearance here at Audi – it was also set for one hour and in the end, we spoke for more than two hours. There are just so many fascinating things to talk about on both sides. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

My trick against nervousness: practice for the interview with your friends or family.

James Garrett, Audi recruiting and talent acquisition manager

How can I avoid getting too nervous before my job interview at Audi?
A reliable trick is to get together with friends or family – people whom you know and trust – and then practice for the interview. This really helps.

How should an applicant best handle the situation if the application isn’t successful? Was that the end of the Audi career?
It is essential to keep in mind that a refusal is always only in regard to a certain position. You will never receive a general “no” from Audi. If you are talented, but a different applicant just was a slightly better fit, then we will include you in our talent pool nevertheless. This means you might well be invited at a later point in time — or for a different position.




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