Audi awarded with Top Employer Award 2022

Every year, in more than 120 countries, the search begins for the most attractive employers. First and foremost, they have to impress with outstanding employee conditions and forward-looking HR offers. Companies from a wide variety of sectors can apply, and they are then audited by the Top Employers Institute on the basis of around 350 requirements. AUDI AG scored ‘good’ or ‘very good’ in all categories and can therefore certainly be pleased with its official certification as ‘Top Employer Germany 2022’ for the second year in a row.

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“This award is confirmation that we are on the right path with our HR transformation in order to continue to create the best working conditions for our employees in the future and to score points with top talent.”

Sabine Maaßen, member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization, until May 19th, 2022

Forward-looking HR with an outstandingly good rating

The award of ‘Top Employer Germany 2022’ has encouraged AUDI AG in its ongoing HR transformation and the continuous further development of its own HR insights. New ideas that are significant in ensuring that the subsidiaries Audi Mexico, Audi Brussels, Ducati, Lamborghini, Italdesign and Bentley are positively perceived as attractive employers – which is why they have also been named as ‘Top Employer 2022’ in their respective home countries.


It is particularly noteworthy that, with a Top Employer’s score of 83 percent, AUDI AG was able to significantly exceed the minimum requirements of 60 percent. A result that was even better than in the previous year’s certification and that is a reflection of the ‘good’ to ‘very good’ results in all assessment categories.

We live progress: a completely new way of thinking about personnel organization

Audi was able to score particularly well in the area of ‘Digital HR’ with its own HR digitalization strategy and a new employer presence, because these create the necessary framework for all current and future HR topics that are digitally designed. An example of this is the HR app for employees that has more than 40,000 users. However, a thorough understanding of the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion also ensures excellent working conditions at Audi. In addition, Audi’s HR organization is also impressive in the area of employee engagement.


These are the specific benefits for all Audi employees:

  • The opportunity to give feedback
  • Active participation in process optimization
  • Active involvement in shaping the transformation
  • Regular employee surveys
  • Verification of satisfaction with the offers in the HR department

Why are things going so well in Audi’s HR Department?

Audi wants to further transform its HR processes in the future, make them more efficient and ensure greater transparency. To this end, its own workforce is to be particularly encouraged to always be digitally up to date and to be able to manage all administrative processes with the aid of innovative technologies – from completing time sheets via smartphone through to the digital signature. The HR team’s Florian Husmann explains in an interview where the journey will take us.

What is Audi doing right as regards digital HR and diversity and inclusion?

We paid the necessary attention to both these issues early on so that we could satisfy the changing requirements of the modern world of work. In addition to a ‘home office’ policy, this includes especially the option of being able to work from home, if that is possible. Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy enables us to harness the potential of diversity - essential for an automotive manufacturer. This includes training on unconcious bias, tools for inclusive leadership and equal opportunity processes, and cooperation with external initiatives to promote diversity. In order to make the interests of women, fathers, queer and international colleagues visible at Audi, diversity networks have been established from within the workforce. We are convinced that diversity can be a decisive driving force, especially during transformation.

In what way has Audi transformed its HR processes and what is to happen in the future?

We regularly question and improve our processes. The HR digitalization strategy helps us to bundle the processes further, prioritize them and bring them efficiently to fruition. Our aim is to supplement these with new projects in future and to network them even better digitally to the outside world. The same also applies to our diversity strategy. There will always be new initiatives here, and it will certainly never come to a standstill.

How can job applicants benefit from the ‘Top Employer Germany 2022’ title?

Certification as a ‘Top Employer’ is not just some sort of title, but an assessment of all the factors that make an employer attractive to work for. The award shows that we care about optimal working conditions and try to improve them every year.

What is the purpose of the renowned ‘Top Employer’ award?

Once a year, the Top Employers Institute selects the world’s leading companies in the field of employee orientation. The certification is made on the basis of uniform and annually updated standards – the so-called ‘best practices’ which cover the whole HR organization as well as adjacent areas.


The certification of working conditions is not only intended to underline the external perception of companies as attractive employers. Above all, the award delivers specific insights in the form of comprehensive analyses and reports. Valuable information which companies can use to create consistent working conditions for employees throughout the organization and permanently improve the quality of their own HR organization.


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