We live innovation

We’re open to new things and get enthusiastic about future possibilities. We develop new services based on machine learning and artificial intelligence and enable sustainable mobility – be it self-driving cars or the networking of modes of transport.
"Our customers of the future are digital natives. And our cars are too."

"Our customers of the future are digital natives. And our cars are too."

― Wenting Xing, Machine Learning Engineer

Wenting Xing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing our world. I think that will play an important role in the cars of the future: from the idea to production and to the product. We will be on the move digitally in the long term with technology that puts people at the center.


Artificial intelligence will therefore influence the entire value chain. But we mustn’t lose sight of the people and their needs. Technically sophisticated products still need to be likable and offer added value that can be noticed immediately. This involves the physical and mental health of the people, for example, but also sustainable processes and the sustainable use of resources. A continuous desire for new possibilities with state-of-the-art technologies – this spirit of innovation is what drives us.
Creativity and being professional plays a big role in developing machine learning solutions – for me, it’s especially fulfilling when we overcome these challenges by working together as a team.

"What we are thinking today can move the world tomorrow."

"What we are thinking today can move the world tomorrow."

― Julian Markert, Development Engineer

Julian Markert

Automated driving will radically change our conception of mobility. We can offer our customers fascinating new experiences. With “Vorsprung durch Technik,” we will sustainably improve people’s lives and our environment.


"The motives of our customers will also change fundamentally. Today, people are still driving their routes because they are fulfilling basic needs or they are going about their work. This includes trips to the supermarket as well as commuting to the office in their own car. Soon, this compulsory daily mobility will move more and more into the background. This will be replaced by traveling and trips that change from compulsory to optional and for enjoyment.

What role can we at Audi play in this? We need to ensure that individual mobility as a part of the quality of life during leisure time can be accomplished in the most climate-friendly way possible. Only then can we succeed in enabling people to continue to enjoy the freedom and fun of driving. To do this, we must remain true to our credo: We develop cars and mobility concepts not against our competitors, but for people!

I want to continue contributing to safety, comfort and innovation through assistive safety and driving functions for modern supercars. Others can also offer maximum performance, but it is this triad of safety, comfort and innovation that lets us achieve progress in this segment."


billion investment in future technologies in 2020


m2 area of photovoltaic arrays at Audi’s Győr plant


Audi patents


of employee suggestions implemented in 2019


e-tron charging points


carbon-neutral production at all sites by 2025

Innovation with future technologies

Our vision is to create the sustainable premium mobility of tomorrow. By boldly moving forward, we live this vision every day through innovations large and small. This aspiration finds concrete expression in our Audi show cars. Aesthetic intelligence, radically geared to the requirements of tomorrow’s drivers.

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We live innovation in our cars, but above all also through the way we work. Immerse yourself in fascinating Audi stories about our vision and how we plan to achieve it.


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