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Taking Lamborghini to a new level

Strategic. Groundbreaking. Lamborghini – the design legend, the ultimate in emotions and performance – is ready to satisfy everyday mobility needs and captivate new target groups.

03/15/2018 Text: Jan Rentzow – Photos: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Talking Business
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Lamborghini is investing in the future: Production area? Doubled in record time and with no interruption to operations! Manufacturing capacities? Also doubled!

For its third model series, the Urus Super SUV, Lamborghini is relying on innovative Smart Factory technologies, which see employees and robots producing vehicles hand in hand. Manufacturing and high-tech married in a perfect symbiotic relationship. What the brand calls Manifattura Lamborghini.



For the launch of the Urus, the main production plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese has been doubled in size and now covers 160,000 rather than 80,000 square meters. Thanks to a new assembly line, new final inspection facility, a new logistics warehouse and a new testing ground, the facility will in the future be able to deliver as many as 7,000 Lamborghini vehicles per year instead of the previous 3,500.


All of this goes to show that Lamborghini is aiming high with its latest model. The Urus, which blends off-road capability and everyday functionality with the power and handling of a supercar, is indicative of far more than just a break with the “super sports 2-seater only” philosophy. It also heralds the company’s entry into a new customer segment and a fresh business dimension.

With its performance and a design that instantly singles it out as a Lamborghini, the Urus will redefine the benchmark on the market, a car with exceptional positioning. A statement for people who consciously want to set themselves apart. “It will drive not like an SUV, but like a sports car disguised as an SUV.” With true Lamborghini DNA. That goes without saying.



“The entire brand is undergoing radical change. The Urus will transform our brand. It’s going to be our game changer – in every way.”

Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO

With the Urus Super SUV, the Audi subsidiary is ascending into an entirely new sphere and accessing new target groups. The caliber of the bull is becoming family-friendly. It will be the first Lamborghini intended for everyday use, not just for the racetrack or for a grand appearance on the weekend. Customers have been asking for it and are eagerly awaiting its launch. Entirely new customer groups will clock many future kilometers in it. They want a smooth ride to the daycare center, office or grocery store. But then, on demand, an astonishing and unprecedented level of performance for an SUV.


In the first full year of production, 3,500 units of the Urus promise to capture the hearts of enthusiasts – that is as many as the two other car lines (Aventador and Huracán) combined. Yet exclusivity remains important. The exclusive Aventador and Huracán supercars will continue to be built as before. In keeping with the tried-and-tested principle of always producing at least one unit less than the demand.

In Sant’Agata Bolognese, automotive dreams roll off the production line and edge toward the ambitious profitability goals set by Lamborghini’s parent company Audi.

Since 2010, Lamborghini has grown markedly faster than the market (from 1,302 to 3,815 vehicles). The luxury subsidiary achieved a record of 933 million euros in revenue in the past fiscal year and increased its worldwide sales for the seventh year in a row. While the four-seater Urus may be the name on everyone’s lips at the moment, it is only the most visible element of the Lamborghini strategy for the future.

Step by step, the brand has made itself accessible to new followers and adjusted to the challenges of competition. Through personalized super luxury, a broader customer experience and an enhanced sense of exclusivity. Through the passion for motorsport in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series and at the international GT3 championships. Through the planned expansion of the brand to include luxury articles that keep offering fans something new that still chimes with the brand, so as not to dilute its essence.


Domenicali is not alone in believing the introduction of the third car line will give a huge push to Lamborghini’s solid, sustainable growth trajectory. In terms of revenue, investment and profit diversification, he argues that three car lines are better than two for owners as well. Lower volatility, less dependence on the market, better placed for healthy growth in a new era.


Another key business lever, which is also a hallmark of cooperation at Audi and demonstrates the desire to make the transfer of expertise a two-way process, involves drawing on the combined strengths of the Group brands. As a leader in carbon-fiber technologies, Lamborghini can, in turn, access a large pool of quality suppliers and synergies for purchasing.


The Urus has little in common with the Lamborghini LM002 SUV of which just 300 units were built between 1986 and 1993 and which long ranked as the fastest off-road vehicle in the world. But it definitely has what it takes to become a legend.


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