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Looking back at 2020: a year to reflect on

The year 2020 is certainly one to be remembered. It was less about selling cars and more about supporting one another, health and solidarity! The “new normal” now means being more digital, more flexible and more personal than before. This is a challenge for everyone – also for Audi.

12/22/2020 Reading Time: 2 min

The Corona pandemic still has the world in its grip – perhaps even more than ever. The year 2020 has changed our views, values and priorities. Furthermore, COVID-19 is accelerating change and the digitalization process immensely. “The new normal”: digital collaboration is bringing a new form of agility and dynamism to the company.

2020: fortunes, acts of solidarity, virtual world premieres

Audi actually wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the quattro this year. But things turned out a bit differently: the spring was completely dominated by COVID-19: car dealerships were closed, employees were on short-time work, and production came to a standstill. A rethink was called for. Thanks to digital measures such as virtual showrooms or the new Audi live sales advice, Audi was still able to maintain contact with its customers.

Under the hashtag #AudiTogether, Audi also revealed its corporate stance: with emergency aid for medical and social institutions, a virtual solidarity concert or a “restart package” for retailers, the company provided support where it was most needed.

New launches like the world premiere of the Audi A3 – virtual for the first time – showed us that things were moving forward. Towards the summer, production also started up again and customer demand recovered. Audi recorded a significant increase in car sales. Short-time work was ended. Since then, everything has been running in a “new normal” state – with the exception of the current lockdown.

From retrospect to foresight: the future is an attitude

The important topics of sustainability and digitalization are more in our focus than ever before. Audi aims to reduce the CO₂ footprint of its vehicles by around 30 percent by 2025. In 2020, its two sites in Brussels and Győr have already become CO₂-neutral, and all the remaining plants are to follow suit in five years’ time. The electrification strategy is also an important building block: Audi is expanding its e-portfolio to around 30 models by 2025.

We at Audi are putting the year behind us. The new brand orientation is “The Future is an Attitude“. This can be seen in the two 2020 concept cars from the e-tron line: Audi Q4 e-tron concept and Audi e-tron GT concept. They combine technical excellence with progressive design. Audi wants to be electric, digital, sustainable, bold and open to new things in 2021.

Audi is continuing on its course. Even after this truly transformative year for everyone – and despite the ongoing Corona pandemic. Together. Emotionally. And hopefully healthily.

The year 2020 for Audi: the review as a film


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