Projects and Partners

Together with doctoral students, employees and more than 55 different scientific institutions in 8 countries, Audi is driving forward relevant research projects. The topics are diverse and include, for example, e-mobility, vehicle safety and innovative human resource management.

Projects with Doctoral Students


Projects with Doctoral Students

In the Audi doctorate program, young scientists conduct research on technical and non-technical projects. Anne Greul, for example, one of almost 130 doctoral students, combines her doctorate at the Technical University of Munich with the practical challenges of innovation management at Audi. In her project, she is investigating how established companies can develop and implement radical ideas in order to stay competitive in the market.

Autonomous Driving Cup

Autonomous Driving Cup

The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup is a competition for students of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and similar disciplines. The participants should develop software for fully automatic driving functions. The hardware platform will be a 1:8 model car specially designed for the competition.

Lecturers from Audi

Lecturers from Audi

Audi currently supports more than 130 employees who engage in teaching at universities in Germany and abroad through a support program for lecturers.

Endowed Professorship

Audi supports research and teaching at universities through the foundation of temporary professorships.  In this way, Audi makes an important contribution to the development of the university landscape.


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