Teammate Quiz

How well do the DTM drivers from Audi Sport know each other? The current teammates quiz each other shortly before the start of the 2019 season. Three strong pairings, plenty of interesting questions and answers. A fun quiz between: Nico Müller and Robin Frijns from Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline, Jamie Green and René Rast from Audi Sport Team Rosberg, and Loïc Duval and Mike Rockenfeller from Audi Sport Team Phoenix.

04/17/2019 Reading Time: 11 min

Audi drivers on the racetrack



Nico Müller: Mister Frijns, first question: What is my favourite holiday destination?

Robin Frijns: I would say that you really like Greece.

Nico Müller: No, Sardinia. I’m the Italian boy.


Nico Müller: How many languages can I speak and name all of these, please.

Robin Frijns: Swiss German. Is that a language?

Nico Müller: I wouldn’t count that.

Robin Frijns: So, English, French, German and Italian. You also speak a bit of Spanish.

Nico Müller: Yeah.

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Nico Müller and Robin Frijns

Nico Müller: Now you have to read what is written here.

Robin Frijns: “Hend miar üs vorher scho mol troffa?“ What does that mean? “Hend miar”, means: “Give me”?

Nico Müller: No. It’s “Have we”.

Robin Frijns:
Oh, close. “Hend miar üs vorher”, means: “before”?

Nico Müller:
Ja, ja. You’re good. Yeah. Like: “Have we ever”.

Robin Frijns: “Scho mol, scho mol troffe – troffa?”. Does “Troffa” mean: “trophy”?

Nico Müller:
Not quite.

Robin Frijns: “Vorher” – “scho mol” – I don’t know.

Nico Müller: In German, it would be “getroffen”.

Robin Frijns: “Have we see each other before?”

Nico Müller: “Have we ever met before?”

Robin Frijns: Yeah, got it.


Nico Müller: What excuses have I used to skip some media and press appointments?

Robin Frijns: Oh, oh!

Nico Müller: Save me, Robin!

Robin Frijns: Millions, eh? No, you don’t really skip any. Well: “Sorry, I’m on holiday.”

Nico Müller: That’s not an excuse. It’s a fact. We have holidays, don’t we?

Robin Frijns: Let’s skip that one!


Nico Müller: What are my hobbies other than racing?

Robin Frijns:
Karting. Skiing.

Nico Müller: Yeah, yeah.

Robin Frijns: Is there something else?

Nico Müller: Mountain biking.

Robin Frijns: Okay.


Nico Müller: Which race driver was my inspiration when I was younger?

Robin Frijns: Senna? It must be. It’s Senna for everyone, of course.


Nico Müller: What was the first race car I drove that was not a kart?

Robin Frijns: You did Formula Renault Two Litres.

Nico Müller:
My first race in a single seater was in a Formula Renault Two Litre!


Nico Müller:
Which is my favourite football team?

Robin Frijns: You’re not a football fan at all.

Nico Müller: Copy that.

Robin Frijns: So, you don’t have a favourite one?

Nico Müller: No.

Robin Frijns: Eh, I’m good at this!

Nico Müller and Robin Frijns

Robin Frijns: All right, here we go. Questions for Nico: When is my birthday?

Nico Müller: Oh no.

Robin Frijns: I knew it. I knew it. I knew that you don’t know.

Nico Müller:
The year is 1991.

Robin Frijns:
That’s correct.

Nico Müller: That’s a third of a point.

Robin Frijns:
Come on!

Nico Müller: I’m so bad with this.

Robin Frijns:
Dates are also not my favourite point either. Which month?

Nico Müller: July?

Robin Frijns:
It’s pretty close – it’s August.

Nico Müller: Okay – okay, okay, okay.

Robin Frijns: Lucky number seven.

Nico Müller: Oh, the 7th of August 1991.

Robin Frijns: Exactly. I don’t want you to hurt yourself too much.

Nico Müller: Thanks.


Robin Frijns: When was the last time that I was caught speeding?

Nico Müller: That must have been in January.

Robin Frijns:
Yeah, I saw the flash. I’m still waiting for the ticket.


Robin Frijns: Try to say my surname correctly.

Nico Müller:
Freiiins – Freiiins – Freiiiiiins.

Robin Frijns:

Nico Müller: Freiiins.

Robin Frijns: It’s Freihens.

Nico Müller:
Hey! That’s what I’m saying.

Robin Frijns: No, it’s different.

Nico Müller:

Robin Frijns: It’s Freihens.

Nico Müller: Freijens, Freijens.

Robin Frijns: Eh, anyway, everyone is struggling with this. It’s not Vrijinski, okay? Did I make that clear?


Robin Frijns: What excuses have I used to skip some media/press appointments?

Nico Müller: You like to stay in bed. So, if you don’t find an excuse, you just sleep in. And then say: “Oh, I forgot about that.”

Robin Frijns: Which doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it does.


Robin Frijns: What are my hobbies other than racing?

Nico Müller: Sleeping, that’s number one.

Robin Frijns: Is that a hobby?

Nico Müller: For sure it is. If you do it more than ten hours a day, it’s a hobby. Sleeping.

Robin Frijns: Then it’s a hobby.

Nico Müller:
Then, drinking coffee in the afternoon. It must be a nice cappuccino in your favourite coffee shop in Maastricht.

Robin Frijns:
That’s completely right.

Nico Müller:
What else you do? I think you also like to go skiing.

Robin Frijns: I tried last winter, but …


Robin Frijns: Which race driver was my inspiration when I was younger?

Nico Müller: Senna.

Robin Frijns: Yeah! That’s not a question, is it?


Robin Frijns: What was the first race car I drove that was not a kart?

Nico Müller: It was a Formula BMW. You raced in Formula BMW and you won the championship.

Robin Frijns: That’s my boy. Yeah, true!


Robin Frijns: Which team is my favourite football team?

Nico Müller:
Oh, oh!

Robin Frijns: I said it a few days ago.

Nico Müller: PSV (Eindhoven).

Robin Frijns: That’s like the worst enemy!

Nico Müller: Ajax (Amsterdam).

Robin Frijns: PSV and Ajax don’t really go together. Ajax and PSV is like black and white.

Nico Müller: Those are the two that I could think of off the top of my head.

Robin Frijns: And Feyenoord (Rotterdam). But it’s Ajax, I’m definitely an Ajax fan.

Nico Müller: Okay.



Loïc Duval: Okay Mike, question one: What is my shoe size?

Mike Rockenfeller: This is easy. It’s 42. Because, obviously, I know it from your race shoes. And some orders we did.

Loïc Duval: You have used my shoes sometimes when you race?

Mike Rockenfeller: No, actually not, because they have the French flag on them. So, I would struggle to use that.


Loïc Duval: What are the names of my wife and kids?

Mike Rockenfeller: Your wife I know, Gaëlle of course. With the kids, I struggle to be honest. I was thinking about this when we started the quiz. I was sure it would be a question. That’s why I said it’s going to be embarrassing. Hmm – Martin? Martin!

Loïc Duval: Yes, that’s the little one, of course.

Mike Rockenfeller: And the big one?

Loïc Duval: Boss.

Mike Rockenfeller:
The boss of who?

Loïc Duval: Hugo Boss.

Mike Rockenfeller: Ah, Hugo! Yeah, true. I’m sorry, man!

Loïc Duval: Ah no, all good. Gaëlle was right. At least he knows the name of my wife.

Mike Rockenfeller: Sorry. But, now I will never forget: Hugo and Martin.

More details

Loïc Duval and Mike Rockenfeller

Loïc Duval: Now you have to read something.

Mike Rockenfeller: In French I guess.

Loïc Duval: Yes.

Mike Rockenfeller:
I really don’t know. I will try my best. “Poisson sans Boisson est Poison.”

Loïc Duval: “Poisson” is “fish”? “Boisson” is “drink”. And “Poison” is “poison”.

Mike Rockenfeller: “A fish without a drink is poison.”


Loïc Duval: What excuses have I used to skip some media/press appointments?

Mike Rockenfeller: You would know my ones.

Loïc Duval:
For sure.

Mike Rockenfeller: I’m not so sure what you would use. Let me think.

Loïc Duval: Whatever you have used already, I’m sure that I had the same ideas.

Mike Rockenfeller:
There have been some holidays planned, already booked. So, you couldn’t change them.

Loïc Duval: Yes, can be.


Loïc Duval: What are my hobbies other than racing?

Mike Rockenfeller: I think you like to go skiing. I don’t know, if this is really a hobby. You are really good in any sport with a ball. So, I guess soccer and tennis.

Loïc Duval: With one ball?

Mike Rockenfeller: With one ball.

Loïc Duval: Okay.

Mike Rockenfeller: You don’t play golf?

Loïc Duval: I also do that.


Loïc Duval: Which racing driver was my inspiration/hero when I was younger?

Mike Rockenfeller: I would assume that it’s a French person, or not? Maybe Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost?

Loïc Duval: It was more Senna, even though I am French. That’s a French thing. Normally, we don’t like people who win too much. So, I went for the Brazilian.

Mike Rockenfeller: Okay.


Loïc Duval:
What was the first race car I drove that was not a kart?

Mike Rockenfeller: Hm.

Loïc Duval: Don’t forget there is a kind of school in France.

Mike Rockenfeller: A single seater and I guess it was in La Fiere in Le Mans.

Loïc Duval: Ja.

Mike Rockenfeller: And a Renault, kind of Formula Renault. Probably the Campus.

Loïc Duval: Exactly. That’s the one.


Loïc Duval: Which team is my favourite football team?

Mike Rockenfeller: French? Well, France!

Loïc Duval: Yeah, world champions!

Mike Rockenfeller: That was too easy. It could be a French or an English club? No, Spanish?

Loïc Duval: You’re wrong.

Mike Rockenfeller: All three are wrong?

Loïc Duval:

Mike Rockenfeller:
A German one? Bayern Munich?

Loïc Duval: Yes!

Mike Rockenfeller: Ooh, really?

Loïc Duval: You know that I have a German grandmother.

Loïc Duval and Mike Rockenfeller

Mike Rockenfeller: What was my job before I became a race driver?

Loïc Duval: I think you always liked working with tools. So, you were a car mechanic.

Mike Rockenfeller: Perfect.


Mike Rockenfeller: What is my favourite drink?

Loïc Duval: You drink water – sparkling water?

Mike Rockenfeller: I don’t really mind.

Loïc Duval: Do you like Mojito?

Mike Rockenfeller: Mojitos are good.

Loïc Duval: It’s good or quite okay?

Mike Rockenfeller: It’s okay. I don’t really have a favourite drink with alcohol. It’s probably gin tonic.


Mike Rockenfeller: Now you have to say a German sentence. Good luck!

Loïc Duval: “Blokrot bliebt Blokrot, und Brotklied bliebt Brotklied.”

Mike Rockenfeller: “Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut, und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid.” Basically, even for a German, it’s tricky to say it quickly.

Loïc Duval: So, it was not too bad.

Mike Rockenfeller: I would say it was close.


Mike Rockenfeller:
What excuses have I used to skip some media/press appointments? Which I never did really.

Loïc Duval: I think, to go to a fitness week.

Mike Rockenfeller: You have the right answer.


Mike Rockenfeller: What are my hobbies other than racing?

Loïc Duval: I think we are similar in our way of life. To live with your family, the kids and friends. But hobbies, hobbies?

Mike Rockenfeller: I like so spend time with family and friends, like you said. For sure, I like to do a bit of cycling. Probably, this is a kind of hobby.


Mike Rockenfeller: Which race driver was my inspiration/hero when I was younger?

Loïc Duval: We spoke about mine. I think you had Senna before Michael Schumacher.

Mike Rockenfeller: It was really Michael. Senna was obvious…

Loïc Duval:
… really big at the time.

Mike Rockenfeller:
But when I got into it, getting interested and watching Formula One, he had just passed away. So, it was really Michael.

Loïc Duval: Understandable for a German.

Mike Rockenfeller: It was for sure an unbelievable period in Germany. Everyone was watching Formula One and they were all experts all of a sudden.


Mike Rockenfeller: What was the first race car that I drove that was not a kart?

Loïc Duval: I think it was never single seater for you, it was a touring car, no?

Mike Rockenfeller: No.

Loïc Duval: It was single seater?

Mike Rockenfeller: Well, the very first one was not so far from …

Loïc Duval: … from a Formula Renault?

Mike Rockenfeller: Yes, but I didn’t do a championship.

Loïc Duval: And then you did touring cars?

Mike Rockenfeller: No, I did one season in Formula König. It was a German thing. Single seaters like Formula Ford with some wings on them. But, my very first test was with a Renault.


Mike Rockenfeller: What is my favourite football team?

Loïc Duval: German?

Mike Rockenfeller: Ja.

Loïc Duval: It’s not Schalke.

Mike Rockenfeller: No.

Loïc Duval: It’s a big team in Germany?

Mike Rockenfeller:
Not anymore.

Loïc Duval: Ah! Borussia Dortmund.

Mike Rockenfeller: That’s a big team. No, you won’t know. It’s Köln, Cologne – close to where I come from.

Loïc Duval: Are they in the first division?

Mike Rockenfeller: Not anymore. But, they won championships in the past. I got into it, because my dad follows them.



Jamie Green: I live in England now. Where did I live before that?

René Rast: Monaco. That’s easy.


Jamie Green: How many kids do I have?

René Rast: Three kids.

Jamie Green: And what are their names?

René Rast: William, Georgiana and Zachary.

Jamie Green: Yeah, well done! Very good. I am impressed.

More details

Jamie Green and René Rast

Jamie Green: Language test: What is the German word for “making something worse whilst trying to fix it”?

René Rast: “Verschlimmbessern.”

Jamie Green: Sounds good to me.


Jamie Green: What excuses have I used to skip press/media appointments?

René Rast: Probably, because your tea was not ready.

Jamie Green: Haha.

René Rast:
It took five minutes longer. So, you could not make it on time.

Jamie Green:
That would be my priority, definitely.


Jamie Green: What are my hobbies other than racing?

René Rast: Cycling is on top.

Jamie Green: Yeah.

René Rast: Then I would say some gym sessions.

Jamie Green: Yeah.

René Rast: And your family.

Jamie Green:
Definitely, yeah. Very good!


Jamie Green: Which race driver – I’m not even sure myself with the answer – was my inspiration/hero, when I was younger?

René Rast: Maybe Damon Hill.

Jamie Green: Okay.

René Rast: Is he British?

Jamie Green:
Yeah! Are you serious?

René Rast:
I was not sure, if he is from there, or if he is Scottish or British.

Jamie Green: He is English. And his Dad was world champion as well.

René Rast: So, he was your idol?

Jamie Green: Actually, it was Schumacher, when I got into it. When I started karting, Schumacher was dominant. And even when Schumacher was racing against Hill and fighting to win the world championship, Schumacher was always a little bit better. And definitely more ruthless. So, I would say: Hill was a typical English gentleman. But, maybe a bit too nice to really win stuff.


Jamie Green: What was the first race car I drove that was not a kart?

René Rast: That’s hard to say. It could be anything.

Jamie Green: Come on!

René Rast: Formula Vauxhall?

Jamie Green:
No, Formula Renault.

René Rast: Okay.

Jamie Green: Formula Renault UK. But actually, my first ever car was a Mini. When I was ten years old, I did Mini Stocks on oval tracks – even before karting. So maybe this is a tricky question.


Jamie Green: Which team is my favourite football team?

René Rast: Manchester.

Jamie Green: No!

René Rast: No? Not Manchester?

Jamie Green: No, it’s Leicester. I am from Leicester City. That’s it.

Jamie Green and René Rast

René Rast: First question for Jamie: What is the name of my child?

Jamie Green: I’m not sure. I just remember an English sounding name. Leon?

René Rast: Liam.

Jamie Green: Liam?

René Rast: Yeah.

Jamie Green: That was close.


René Rast: What’s the colour of my eyes?

Jamie Green: You’re wearing sunglasses. That’s not fair.

René Rast (takes off sunglasses): Does that help?

Jamie Green:
I would say by guessing: green.

René Rast: No, they’re brown.

Jamie Green: Okay.

René Rast: It’s okay. I don’t even know the colour of my girlfriend’s eyes.


René Rast: Jamie, please guess the meaning of the German saying “Zu viele Köche verderben den Brei.”

Jamie Green: “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

René Rast: That’s right.

Jamie Green: Cool. It’s the same as it is in English.


René Rast: What excuses have I used to skip some media/press appointments?

Jamie Green: Looking at data, because you’re obsessed with looking at data.

René Rast:
True. True. That’s right.


René Rast: What are my hobbies other than racing?

Jamie Green: That’s a hard one, because I think you’re always racing, driving simulators or some kind of computer simulator at home.

René Rast: Yeah.

Jamie Green: Then, you also do a little bit of jogging.

René Rast: That’s right.

Jamie Green: And maybe Instagram.

René Rast: Yeah, social media, simulators, running – that’s it.


René Rast: Which race driver was my inspiration/hero when I was younger?

Jamie Green: That’s hard.

René Rast:
I’m German.

Jamie Green: Younger than me. But, I would guess that it’s still Schumacher.

René Rast: Yes, it was him. I started karting at the age of five or six. And that was the time when he was moving up from Benetton to Ferrari.


René Rast: Which was the first race car I drove that was not a kart?

Jamie Green: Was it something like a Clio? No, you did Polo Cup.

René Rast: Before that, after karting, I did something else.

Jamie Green: Single seaters?

René Rast: Yes.

Jamie Green: Oh, I thought you were be a full-time saloon car driver.

René Rast: I did two years of single seaters.

Jamie Green: But, what you have done? There was something like Formula König. But, that was probably before your time.

René Rast: I did test in Formula König and then I raced two years in Formula BMW.

Jamie Green: Of course. The one with wings and a motorbike engine.

René Rast: Yeah, with a 150-horsepower motorbike engine.

Jamie Green:
Where did you finish?

René Rast: Not within the top ten in the end. I guess 5th was my best race result in two years.

Jamie Green: So, formula cars didn’t suit you.

René Rast:
Apparently not.

Jamie Green: Who became champion?

René Rast:

Jamie Green:
Was that in 2004? When I was doing the European Formula 3 Euro Series?

René Rast:
Yeah, you and I raced at the same event then. I always watched Formula 3, saw you with your special helmet and when you became champion.

Jamie Green: Oh. I didn’t know you were doing Formula BMW.

René Rast: So, we are learning something from this now.


René Rast: What is my favourite football team?

Jamie Green: I don’t think you even like football.

René Rast: Correct. I never watched any football games. So, you are right.

Jamie Green: Good job.

René Rast:
Very good.


Audi drivers with the Audi RS 5 DTM
Jamie Green and Nico Müller
Hand with helmet


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