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Motorsport is a special form of teamwork. This is also valid in the DTM. Everything always has to happen fast – on and off the race track. Experts are required for each and every one of these high-speed jobs. Who are these people? What are their exact tasks and what practical experience do they have? All is revealed here using the defending DTM championship winning team Audi Sport Team Rosberg as example.

Mechanics before pit stop
Keke Rosberg in the garage


Keke Rosberg (Finland): the former Formula 1 World Champion established Team Rosberg in 1994. In its debut season, Keke Rosberg still sat in the cockpit at the wheel of a DTM racecar. Since 2006, Team Rosberg is DTM partner of Audi. In the 2018 season, it fields two of the six RS 5 DTM Audi factory cars. Team Rosberg runs the cars at the races and carries out maintenance on the Audi developed cars between events. The team is based in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Keke Rosberg keeps himself in the background, but is always available to provide his team with help and advice and to give important stimuli as before.

Arno Zensen


Arno Zensen (Germany): The experienced motorsport manager has been a member of Team Rosberg since 1995 and is thus the longest serving employee. As one of two Managing Directors, Arno Zensen assumes overall corporate responsibility. He is also chief decision maker within Audi Sport Team Rosberg at the race track for the complex and often hectic interaction between man and machine.

Kimmo Liimatainen


Kimmo Liimatainen (Finland): the former racing driver is responsible for all sporting decisions, and also budget, organisation and personnel. When Kimmo Liimatainen hung up his helmet at the end of 2002, he stepped directly from driver to manager at Team Rosberg.

Ramon Hämmerle in the truck


Ramon Hämmerle (Germany): he pulls the most important operational strings. He ensures that everything is in the right place at the right time at the workshop in Neustadt and at the race tracks. Hämmerle has been involved since 2005 and is specifically responsible for equipment, purchasing, vehicle fleet, race trucks, race tyres and travel itineraries.

Francesco Nenci at the gantry


Francesco Nenci (Italy): the former Formula 1 and Formula E engineer is the most important link between the technicians at Audi and those in the team. Within Audi Sport Team Rosberg, of which he has been a member since 2015, Francesco Nenci supervises the engineers.

René Rast and Erich Baumgärtner
Jamie Green and Florian Rinkes


Erich Baumgärtner (Germany) and Florian Rinkes (Germany): in being responsible for the cars, they are each the direct contact for the two drivers Jamie Green and René Rast. They are the focal point for everything that is fitted, adjusted and repaired on the two Audi RS 5 DTM with start numbers 53 and 33. Both joined the team in 2011. Erich Baumgärtner previously worked in Formula 3, Florian Rinkes started after his engineering degree.

Data engineer


Davide Maino (Italy) and Johannes Baumgärtner (Germany): their primary task during a race event is to monitor the flow of information from Jamie Green’s and René Rast’s race cars and to analyse all this technical data. Johannes Baumgärtner, a qualified aerospace technician and team member since 2008, also works on the software development at Team Roseberg. Davide Maino joined the team in 2016. The qualified data technician also supervises the simulator.

Armin Joerß


Armin Joerß (Germany): part of his responsibility is to ensure that every technical procedure carried out on the racecars is correct. As a result, Armin Joerß who moved from HMS Motorsport to Rosberg in 2003, is the most important contact between the engineers and mechanics. Furthermore, he is chief mechanic on Green’s Audi and like all other Rosberg mechanics is part of the team’s pit stop crew.

Andreas Rudorf


Andreas Rudorf (Germany): the chief mechanic on René Rast’s Audi RS 5 DTM has worked for the team since 2002. He came from Kolles Racing.

Tyre technicians with tyres


Johannes Bruckbach (Germany) and Jan-Philipp Freiseis (Germany): they both look after the tyres that are used on Jamie Green’s and René Rast’s cars. The race rubber is, however, mounted on the wheels by personnel from exclusive DTM tyre supplier Hankook. Bruckbach (at Rosberg since 2014) was previously an agricultural test technician and Freiseis (at Rosberg since 2016) was a power station technician. Each of them drives one of the two articulated lorries with which Team Rosberg transports the racecars and race equipment.

Mechanics working on the Audi RS 5 DTM


Martin Elsner (Germany), Lukas Garecht (Germany), Rouven Baier (Germany) and Michael Geuze (Austria), Max Messidat (Germany): they are all experienced car mechanics and employed at Rosberg for between one and five years. Crew 1 is responsible for Jamie Green’s car, crew 2 for that of René Rast. Special experts for the rear axle and gearbox are Rouven Baier (Green’s car) and Michael Geuze (Rast’s car). These two also have an additional job within Team Rosberg: Baier the electric, Geuze engine checking.

René Rast and Jamie Green


Jamie Green (Great Britain) and René Rast (Germany): both are Audi factory drivers and race in the DTM with Audi Sport Team Rosberg – Green since 2014, Rast since 2017. In his first DTM season last year, René Rast was able to win the title at his first attempt. At the same time, Rosberg was Teams’ Champion, Audi Manufacturers’ Champion.


Audi RS 5 DTM on the racetrack
Davide Maino in the garage
Mechanics before pit stop


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