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Whether in DTM or in Formula E: Each one of the eight Audi factory drivers has their own number on the side of their race car. Where do these specific numbers or combinations come from? What is the story behind the numbers from Robin Frijns to Daniel Abt on all of the Audi RS 5 DTM and Audi e-tron FE05 cars?

05/15/2019 Reading Time: 7 min

René Rast sitting next to his Audi RS 5 DTM


Audi RS 5 DTM race number of Robin Frijns


“When I switched from karting to Formula BMW, I had number four given to me by the team. I won the rookie championship. The year after that, I had the same number and won the overall championship. Then I went to Formula Renault Two Litre. I had the 34 and won the championship. And then, in the Renault World Series, I had number four again and won the championship again. So, I think number four suits me quite well.”

Robin Frijns with this mechanics
Audi RS 5 DTM race number of Loïc Duval


“In France, we have many regions and we have numbers per region. You can also see them on the number plates of the cars. Number 28 is the region where I was born: Eure-et-Loir. The opposite of 28 is 82, the year I was born. These are the reasons as to why I decided to use the 28.”

Loïc Duval standing
DTM race number of René Rast


“I had no other idea in my mind. 33 is easy to remember for people. Plus, I’m turning 33 this year. So, hopefully that’s a good sign.”

René Rast on the podium
Audi RS 5 DTM race number of Nico Müller


“When I started with my cousin in karting, he’d already had 50 for a few years. So, I thought: I’ll take 51. A few years later, when I was racing Formula Renault Two Litre, the numbers were given by a draw and I ended up with 51 by chance. That year, I won the championship, won nine out of twelve races and had a mega year. I’ve hung on to it ever since.”

Nico Müller on the podium
Audi RS 5 DTM race number of Jamie Green


“The 53 has been my number in racing since my karting days. Sometimes you can choose your number. As usual, I was late to submit my entry for karting. And the 53 seemed to be the one number that was still available. So, I ended up with JG53.”

Jamie Green sitting
Audi RS 5 DTM race number of Mike Rockenfeller


“I was pretty successful with number nine. When all of the drivers in the DTM were allowed to choose a permanent car number from the 2015 season onwards, I thought to myself: with two nines on the car, things just have to go better. So, I’ve had 99 ever since. I may not have scored a really big success with it yet, but changing my car number makes no sense to me, because that’s due to reasons other than the number.”

Mike Rockenfeller on the podium
Audi e-tron FE05 on track


Audi e-tron FE05 race number of Lucas di Grassi


“I was born on the 11th of August. The eleven simply stands for my birthday. I’m not superstitious.”

Lucas di Grassi celebrating
Audi e-tron FE05 race number of Daniel Abt


“In 2009, I won my first championship in ADAC Formula Masters with the number six. After that, I was just runner-up several times. When I got into Formula E in 2014, I said to myself: I want to win my second title with number 66.”

Daniel Abt on the podium


Daniel Abt hat
Audi e-tron FE05 race number of Lucas di Grassi
Race number of Loïc Duval


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