The Audi MQ! Innovation Summit: it’s going digital!

With the MQ! Innovation Summit, Audi has over the last few years established an international conference on the theme of ‘Mobility of the Future’. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, MQ! took place entirely digitally for the first time. In our interview, project manager Rainer Denninger reveals which interactive and innovative program the participants could expect at this year’s MQ! Virtual Innovation Summit from November 10th to 11th.

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MQ! always stands for innovation and surprises, and this spirit should be reflected in the new digital experience too.

Rainer Denninger, project manager

Mr Denninger, what is the idea behind the MQ! Innovation Summit?
MQ! is a platform for technical experts worldwide to exchange ideas on the overarching theme of ‘Mobility of the Future’ – focusing on subjects such as artificial intelligence and e-mobility, autonomous driving and sustainability. Our event should link relevant target audiences, create new impetus and ideally, also give rise to sustainable collaborations. Thanks to the tremendous transfer of knowledge between internal and external participants, we also promote culture change within the company. We want to broaden horizons, be inspired, be open to new ideas and experience transparent corporate communications.

This year, for the first time, MQ! will take place virtually. What are you expecting?
MQ! is an event which, up to now, has benefited greatly from passion, excitement and the live experience. That’s why this year’s summit is a big challenge – although the opportunities presented by the digital experience are actually very interesting. We’re using state of the art technology a are programming our own event platform with a special XR stage. MQ! always stands for surprises and innovation, and this spirit should also be reflected in the new digital experience. We also expect a growing audience. As participants and speakers will no longer have to travel to the event, we hope to reach other international target audiences which feel at home in the digital environment.

What special challenges arise from making the event digital?
The user behaviour for an online event is, of course, very different from that of a live event. The attention span in the digital environment is significantly smaller. The content must therefore be made available both in a more condensed form and more quickly. And at the same time the event must be so inspiring and entertaining that participants give it their full attention. We want to overcome this challenge, in particular, by means of various workspaces with active participation.

What programme should participants look forward to this year?
As far as the key message is concerned, the focus is first and foremost on the theme of ‘Shaping the future of premium mobility’. All activities will feed into that. We will show content in particular that we are currently working on at Audi, including topics such as big data and data security. Obviously, top international keynote speakers such as Tristan Harris, Co-Founder at Center for Humane Technology, Former Google Design Ethicist will have their say this year too. A variety of panel discussions on topics such as e-gaming or sustainability and start-up culture, or expert talks on the subjects of UX design in the vehicle or innovative lighting design will round off MQ!

How can people participate in the digital MQ! Virtual Innovation Summit?
By registering on the website. Participants can decide for themselves whether they want to actively participate in the event or only consume the content passively. Registration is open to anyone who is keen to promote innovation themes and to learn more about the subject of ‘Mobility of the Future’. This year’s MQ! is free of charge, so we are hoping for a high level of participation.

Rainer Denninger, project manager of MQ!.
Rainer Denninger, project manager of MQ!.
The MQ! is a great format, which helps us to break down silos and promote culture change at Audi.

Rainer Denninger, project manager

MQ! Innovation Summit 2019
2019 the MQ! Innovation Summit hat a big crowd, this years event is completely digital.

Have innovation themes from previous years been taken up in the company?
Yes, there is already a collaboration between a start-up and one of our subsidiary companies – on the second-use application of batteries. In the last year, two ideas with the ‘entertainment in the vehicle’ use case have made it into development. In addition to concrete projects, it is very important for us to establish a new mindset in the company. With MQ! we create a valuable exchange between internal and external experts and, in addition, provide a platform that brings together different departments from different business areas across the group.

That’s a great development which helps us to break down internal silos and, as I mentioned at the beginning, promote culture change at Audi. We’re very proud of it.


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