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How Audi is bringing the e-tron to downtown San Francisco

Shortly after the world premiere of the Audi e-tron, Audi of America showed in San Francisco just how elegantly electric mobility integrates into everyday life. Visitors to the pop-up event on Battery Street were able to charge their electric car, while also recharging their own batteries. Totally relaxed.

12/20/2018 Text: Franziska Queling — Photos/Film: Tobias Sagmeister, AUDI AG Talking Business Reading Time: 3 min

Audi e-tron

There is more to electric mobility than changing the car. It is also changing our lives. For example, it will change the look of filling stations because we will usually charge our electric cars at home or while we are at work. However, we will also need a place to re-energize en route – for the cars as well as their occupants. That is why, for several days, Audi of America set up a “Charging Station Unleashed” on Battery St. in downtown San Francisco. Anyone dropping by had the opportunity to recharge sustainably. The charging station offered visitors healthy snacks, social interaction with integration into social media and the chance to relax outdoors. Visitors also found out that recharging is just as easy as refueling and an Audi e-tron seen up close is sheer premium: inside and out.

Exhibits such as the Pebble Beach concept car or the current Formula E model attracted a great deal of attention. The figures reflect just how successful the initiative was: 1.2 million social views, 1,845 RSVPs on Facebook, 320,000 engagements and over 2,000 visitors attending over the four days. Further initiatives to bring home the everyday usability of electric mobility are planned.

“Charging Station Unleashed” – a place to re-energize

The e-tron is the game changer on the way to electric mobility.

In 2025, every Audi will also be available as an electric option

  • With the e-tron, Audi is giving the starting signal for the extensive Audi e roadmap. The objective is to electrify the entire model range through 2025 – with around 20 electrified models. The next step after the e-tron Sportback will be the sporty e-tron GT in 2020. That same year, Audi will also offer an electrified model in the compact segment for the first time.
  • The Audi e-tron strategy goes beyond the electrified car models in the product portfolio. Battery and charging infrastructure are just as firmly embedded in the strategy – as of course are the new approaches to value creation.
  • The “Charging Station Unleashed” pop-up event, which lasted for several days, followed on from the world premiere of the e-tron in San Francisco and exemplifies campaigns by Audi of America and Electrify America that aim to show just how elegantly electric vehicles can be integrated into everyday life.

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