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The e-tron room

Anyone who wants to experience the new Audi e-tron now has the opportunity to do so at myAudi Sphere at Munich Airport. A contact space has been created there – or, to be more precise: an electrifying escape room. And additional action areas create space for interaction.

12/10/2018 Reading Time: 2 min

Setting the course for the future

Electric mobility is an important aspect in relation to the transformation of modern mobility. It is one of the drive forms that will spread increasingly over the coming years. At Audi, too, the way has been paved for the electrification campaign with the premiere of the Audi e-tron. Today, it is already possible to experience how inspiring this alternative drive form can be: because Audi is creating contact spaces. At Munich Airport, for example, in the shape of an escape room.

Experience electric mobility

The principle of the escape room is given in its name: the idea is to find your way out of a room. To do so, exciting tasks must be completed. Only this much can be revealed: they all involve the disappearance of an Audi etron development expert. If all the tasks are completed, a surprise awaits visitors in the last room, which will also be part of the adventure – not just calmly and silently, but also as an active aid and essential key to solving the puzzle once and for all.

Particular attention was placed on the technical components during implementation. Loaded with futuristic sound effects, spellbinding light simulations and all sorts of props to touch and move, all the senses will be called upon. Electric mobility can be experienced in many ways – even playfully. The idea for the electrifying escape room – or, in this case: the Audi e-tron room – was originally developed in Spain.

The doors to the beloved escape game have already opened in Barcelona and Madrid. In cooperation with the agency antiloop, Audi Spain is the first industry representative to create an escape game, with more than ten challenges woven into a story – and with success. Customer enthusiasm was so great that, within a few hours, every time slot for the escape room was fully booked.

An electric world of experience

In addition to the e-tron room, another action area awaits interested parties at the airport plaza at Munich Airport from January 2019. A whole world of experience is coming into being there. The Audi e-tron will also be showcased in this area, too, and test drives are also possible. In addition, escooters are available there, which are intended for the so-called “last mile”. In other words, the last few metres to the destination that may not be reachable in a car. Modern mobility requires flexible approaches to solutions in the most varied areas. In addition to the area on the plaza, test drives can also be conducted in the adjacent Audi site at the airport, and charging situations can be tested.

The start of a new era has begun at Audi: electric has gone Audi. And so it begins.

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