Audi AI:ME

A visionary mobility concept for the mega-cities of tomorrow. It’s called the AI:me, and we’re presenting it at Auto Shanghai 2019 on April 16th. See what the showcar is capable of and who it is built for.

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The world premiere at Auto Shanghai

A car for megacities

What is important for mobility in the megacities of tomorrow? Traffic concepts are thought of in holistic terms. Cars are autonomous and CO₂-neutral. Cars let passengers use the time spent in their vehicles to arrive at their destinations feeling more refreshed than when they got in. To meet these needs, Audi has developed a new concept in mobility. Its name? Audi AI:ME.

Automated Driving

The Audi AI:ME makes things as comfortable as possible for its occupants. And that, of course, also includes taking over driving tasks when desired. This is possible in a defined area of transportation that is equipped with appropriate infrastructure.

Showcar Audi AI:me Skizze

Trendsetting Interior

Cars are evolving into a “third living space” — alongside homes and workplaces. This is why the designers of the Audi AI:ME created the entire concept of this car starting from the inside out. They focused their attention on making the occupants as comfortable as possible and making their time in the car productive.

Showcar Audi AI:me Skizze

Lighting Design of the future

The name Audi AI:ME shows the relationship to the Audi Aicon, which we presented in 2017 as a long-distance driving concept. Just like the Aicon, the AI:ME features a multitude of electronic systems that relieve strain on the driver while giving him new options for the time spent in the car. The connection to the Audi Aicon can also be seen in the design of the showcar’s lights. The lights on the AI:ME do more than just illuminate the street — they can also communicate with other drivers on the road.

Live from Shanghai: AUDI AG Press Conference

Live from Shanghai: AUDI AG Press Conference

Everything about the preview of autonomous driving in an urban space at the Audi Press Conference on Tuesday, April 16, starting at 11:00 a.m. local time (5:00 a.m. CEST).

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Showcar Audi AI:me Skizze
With the first design scribble Boguslav Paruch delivered his start for the new concept.

Autonomous Driving 01/30/2019

Future of mobility

Electric, connected, autonomous, shared – Audi CEO in the 2019 fiscal year Bram Schot talks with mobility researcher Carlo van de Weijer about the future of mobility.

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