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The world has unlimited colours.

Every one of the over 50 Audi exclusive colours is something special. From mixing the individual colours to applying the different layers of paint, each step calls for utmost precision so that in the end you get your personal dream colour.
How is my in­di­vi­dual co­lour made?

How is my in­di­vi­dual co­lour made?

Your chosen colour is a mix of organic and inorganic pigments as well as a binder, a solvent and a range of additives. The organic pigments provide the colour’s brilliance and boldness, whereas the inorganic pigments ensure the finish’s weather resistance. This guarantees colour intensity that lasts. The pigments for the ground colours are individually dispersed in the binder so pastes can be made. The pigment pastes of different colours are then mixed, thus producing the final colour.

Adding metal platelets produces the fascinating effect of the metallic paint finishes, such as diamond beige, metallic. The platelets are generally made of aluminium, but brass is also used. Producing a metallic paint finish relies on a particularly gentle manufacturing process to ensure that the fine metal platelets remain intact.

These work steps demonstrate just how high the Audi exclusive requirements are.

Are you fami­liar with the diffe­rent la­yers of an Audi paint fi­nish?

Although no thicker than a human hair, the paint finish on an Audi is made up of four layers. And six layers for metal-effect finishes. This ensures your Audi has the best possible protection from environmental influences and wear. And that your personality shines through.

First, a primer is applied to the body to protect it from corrosion. For this step, the entire vehicle is rotated through a dip tank to coat every millimetre of every recess with the paint layer. Afterwards, the body is dried for 45 minutes at 180°C.
Once the primer has hardened, the body must be cleaned in preparation for the second stage. This is done using emu feathers, which brush the body in a rotating motion in order to remove every single particle of dust.

This is immediately followed by the second or filler layer step, which smooths any surface irregularities and has the elasticity required to prevent the finish from cracking if hit by a stone chip.

The third layer is the colour paint finish, the visible colour you chose when configuring your vehicle. This base finish is applied to the surface of your Audi using a fast-rotating sprayer, with the spray jet producing an extremely fine mist made up of tiny drops of colour. This allows the paint finish to be distributed evenly and exactly where it is needed on the car’s surface. Smaller parts such as the exterior mirrors or tank flap are painted in their selected colour manually using a paint gun.

In the fourth step, a protective layer of clear varnish is added, which must then harden for half an hour at 140°C. This varnish layer protects against UV damage, aging and environmental influences, but also against bird droppings and tree resin. The clear varnish lends the finish its gloss and depth of colour, so that you can enjoy your favourite colour for as long as possible.

Once the drying process is complete, the body is checked again and all attachments painted in body colour are mounted. And only once the Audi rings have been added does your car move on to assembly.

Which co­lour will you choose?

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Seize this one and choose your own personal exterior paint finish from the wide range of Audi exclusive colours. And we count on your inspiration to come up with further colours.

The customised paint finishes shown here have been tested and approved by Audi. Please contact your Audi partner for information on the availability of your dream colour for your dream car.

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