Mobility of the future

Alternative drive systems

Mobility of the future

Alternative drive technologies are Audi’s answer to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our vision is carbon-neutral mobility – alternative energy sources and fully developed concepts you’ll love. At Audi, the transformation of mobility doesn’t mean abstinence, it means lower emissions combined with sporty performance in premium vehicles. Audi is working hard on developing intelligent drive options – which means the mobility of the future.

A major part of this is electrifying powertrains as part of e-tron, but Audi is also developing h-tron solutions for hydrogen vehicles to make future transport cleaner. Audi h-tron demonstrates the enormous potential harboured by fuel cell technology: hydrogen as an energy source achieving long ranges and sporty performance. Audi, therefore, is supplying numerous solutions to achieve longer ranges with lower emissions. Even now, these innovations, foremost of which are the new plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, represent a major pillar in the strategy with which the brand is helping to shape trends in society and developments in the markets. e-tron is powered by electricity – and charged with anticipation.

The world is changing – and mobility is changing with it. Allow yourself to be inspired and experience the mobility of tomorrow.

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