Little plate, big benefits

Charging plays a big part in electromobility. For selected and compatible e-tron models, Audi will soon be offering an optional, innovative way of charging conveniently at home called Audi Wireless Charging.

Charged with comfort.

Charging is one of the main aspects of electromobility. Charging at public points is not the only important part in the charging process, since this is especially defined by charging your car at home. In fact, 80 percent of charging happens wherever the car is parked overnight – which is usually at home. Soon, compatible e-tron models will offer customers another way of charging their vehicles’ batteries aside from power cables.

It’s called Audi Wireless Charging – a technology that enables inductive charging, which makes the process even easier and more convenient for customers.

This is all possible thanks to an unassuming-looking plate that comes with big benefits. Connected to an industrial socketcharging it becomes an inductive charging station with an area of around 90 x 70 cm and a height of 7 cm. Weighing around 40 kg, the station can be positioned anywhere on the ground, such as in a garage or carport. It is secured against slipping and doesn’t need a recess in the floor. 

Once installed, everything happens as if by magic – or at least that’s how it can seem with technology this advanced that automatically initiates so many processes. With the parking assist plus, which is optional available, a forthcoming compatible e-tron model will be able to detect the charging plate using the MMI. Thereupon, the parking assist plus then helps the driver to perfectly position their vehicles over the charging station. When the correct position is reached and the vehicle is parked, the charging process will start automatically if desired. After activation, the ‘Z-Mover’ (60 x 60 cm) approaches from inside the inductive charging plate until the gap between the coil inside it and the cladding on the bottom of the vehicle is around a centimetre all round. This little gap ensures that energy is transmitted at an increased efficiency level of around 90 percent. An alternating current raised to 85 kHz causes a changing magnetic field in the coil belonging to the inductive charging station. If the car’s charging system’s second coil is situated inside that magnetic field, a force is exerted on the charged moving particles in the vehicle’s copper coil, inducing a voltage. The coil systems have optimally matching resonant frequencies. 

Convenient to manage from beginning to end, when the vehicle drives away or if the battery is full, charging finishes automatically. What’s great about that is that you don’t have to unplug any cables or press any buttons. The Z-Mover retracts as soon as you activate the start-stop button. It’s a technology which is incredibly simple as well as innovative.

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