8 Intelligences

the Audi Aicon has them all

Audi’s vision is clear: we are not talking about cars anymore, we are talking about mobility. We are not talking about paintings, but art. Our quest is to envision the mobility of the future and embrace it today, so we can create the most advanced technologies. It is not dreaming about the future, it is shaping it today.

All these technologies vertebrate the “Audi Intelligent Technologies” vision, a program devoted to implement and perfect today the mobility of tomorrow. The idea of intelligence plays a crucial role: we are talking about technologies that are not only able to apply knowledge but also to acquire it, they are not only able to gather information from the environment but to develop skills and expertise - just like human intelligence.

This results in accurate decision-making that has lead us to bring the project of self-piloted cars into a vision that is just waiting for the world to be ready for. The next era of car industry is just around the corner.

The Audi Aicon is a showcar that embodies this brand vision, making the mobility of the future more present than ever.

The Audi Aicon shows all the future potential of these intelligent tools.

Audi Aicon and the 8 human intelligences.

The complex human intelligence can’t be tamed and tagged under a single general modality. Far from that, science divides it under 8 main categories, each determined by a specific human ability. When one grasps the complexity of the Audi Aicon’s artificial intelligence that makes total sense.  In the end, it has been created not only to show the image and likeness of human intelligence, but to improve it.

Linguistic - Adaptive AI interface  

The Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence involves the knowing and understanding of a language, being able to analyze linguistic information and produce linguistic work. The accurate ability to analyze this type of information equals a more specific perception of the reality, which easily leads to an improved problem solving ability.

The Audi Aicon responds to voice inputs and uses tailored algorithms to communicate autonomously and adaptively with the user. In other words, one can naturally talk to it, using the personal tone and pronunciation, grammar and voice inflections and get the response desired. Not to mention that it is able to talk with other cars, exchanging relevant information such as traffic or road conditions; and even with traffic signs for example.

The linguistic intelligence in the Audi Aicon is translated in its ability to communicate with the passenger. It uses human languages to talk with the user, and uses a special technology to talk with his 4-wheel pals and traffic signs. That’s for sure a very high IQ in linguistic intelligence.

Musical - Sound Response

Musical intelligence is the capacity of being sensible to sounds, rhythms, tones and music, allowing an ability to produce and make meaning of the different types of acoustic inputs. It is not about being able to hear a noise, but to compose a symphony or get moved by it. The sound (or the absence of it) causes a response in the subject.

The ultrasonic microphones in the Audi Aicon are connected to the computing system of the car that will process the data and give a response accordingly when required. It can be related to an irregular noise detected on the road, in the cabin or from the vehicle itself (this last particularly useful when autonomous driving options are activated). The Audi Aicon is also sensitive to music, being able to adjust the interior lighting of the car helping create a more comfortable atmosphere.

The musical intelligence in the Audi Aicon is translated in a high sensitivity to sound that makes it able to adapt the environmental or mechanical conditions according to its meaning.

Spatial - Morphable Interior

People with high Spatial Intelligence comprehend three-dimensional images and shapes. This is a primary function of the right side of the brain and is used when solving puzzles, figuring out maps and taking part in any type of construction or engineering project.

The Audi Aicon features opposed doors that open to the front and rear. There is no B-pillar. The entire breadth of the interior is thus exposed to the passengers as they get in the car. In the interior, the lines of the decorative surfaces and functional elements are markedly horizontal. Becoming lighter from bottom to top, the interior reinforces the impression of unique spaciousness. The lack of a steering wheel and a classic dashboard creates a sense of openness and expanse.

Spatial intelligence finds its ways in the Audi Aicon through its revolutionary interior design, spaciousness which can be configured in many ways.

Mathematical - Autonomous Driving

People with high Mathematical Intelligence are not just good at solving equations. They are adept at seeing the underlying principles and structures of a system, and finding the cause and effect in any situation. In other words, they are skilled at deductive reasoning, detecting patterns, and logical thinking.

The Audi Aicon’s laser and radar sensor system also “sees” enough even in the dark, can reliably find the way and detects possible obstacles in good time. It uses projector modules to illuminate the road and surroundings in high resolution and project signals onto the ground. On top of that, when passengers exit the Audi Aicon in the dark, a “light companion” is activated: A mini-drone with a flashlight safely illuminates the user’s walking path.

The Audi Aicon’s fully autonomous autopilot system shows a powerful Mathematical Intelligence, combining input from a wide range of sensors to navigate roads, detecting and avoiding obstacles.

Kinesthetic - Body Language Seats

People with high Kinesthetic Intelligence have great control of their body motions and have the capacity to handle objects skillfully. They have a clear sense of what they aim for with their physical action, like a top football player on a first division match or a talented juggler.

An upholstered, two-seat bench is integrated into the rear panel. The two front seats are designed for extra comfort and optimal spaciousness. Passengers can slide them up to 500 millimeters back and forth between the forward and rear positions. The seats don’t slide on rails, but rather on a platform covered in high-pile carpet that can be moved longitudinally, and on which the passengers’ feet also rest. The platform height is variable, so that it can also be used as an ottoman for your legs. The pitch of the seat cushions and backrests can be steplessly adjusted for a comfortable working or resting position.

The Audi Aicon’s advanced Kinesthetic Intelligence allows its passengers to take a seat in ways that no vehicle ever has before.

Interpersonal - Constant Connection

People with high Interpersonal Intelligence are characterized by their sensitivity to others' moods, feelings, temperaments, motivations, and their ability to cooperate to work as part of a group. Empathetic and charming, they are the best communicators. Think of that politician that always knows what to say to win everyone’s heart, or that skilled seller that could even sell ice to an Eskimo.

Depending on the seating position, the passengers can use the large front display as the output surface or a virtual head-up image displayed above it in the windshield.  Video conferences are another option, as it is interaction on social media.

The Audi Aicon is an interpersonal connection facilitator, designed to connect you to friends, family, and co-workers through every form of communication channel available.

Intrapersonal - Enhanced Privacy

The word intrapersonal means “within the self”—so, “Intrapersonal Intelligence” is another term for self-awareness or introspection. People with a high level of Intrapersonal Intelligence are very self-aware, knowing better than anyone else what their limit is and what’s best to fully maximize their potential.

The glass roof panels can block out sunlight, if desired. Their transparency level changes upon application of an electric voltage. Integrated OLED lighting elements allow for precise mood lighting or the even illumination of the interior when getting in or out of the car, for instance.

The Audi Aicon’s Intrapersonal Intelligence focuses on enhancing yours, shutting the rest of the world out and giving you some peace and quiet.

Naturalistic - Leave-no-trace Technology

People with strong Natural Intelligence are in tune with nature. They have a sensitive, ethical and holistic understanding of the world.

The environment-friendly electric motors produce a total of 260 kW and 550 Newton meters. Maximum acceleration played a less important role in the specification than maximum efficiency and thus also range. This operating strategy is also pursued by the powertrain and electric brake units, which use recuperation to recover energy. Targeted lightweight construction of the multi-material body and optimized aerodynamics also help the Audi Aicon to achieve ranges between 700 and 800 kilometers on a single charge.

The Audi Aicon’s Naturalistic Intelligence focuses on helping you to reconnect with nature, and preserving our fragile ecosystem. With its powerful electric environment-friendly engine, it puts you back in nature, and then leaves without a trace.

The automated technologies mentioned in this article are currently still in the development stage and are not yet available in production vehicles. At the moment, piloted/automated driving is not legally approved for use on public roads in most countries. Please also note in general that these technologies can only assist the driver in the task of driving within the respective system limits. The responsibility and attention necessary for executing the driving task always remain with the driver.

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