quattro – the all-wheel drive optimised for efficiecy

quattro with multi-plate clutch in the R8

quattro is a permanent all-wheel drive system. To prevent the wheels on one axle from spinning, the drive torque is redirected to the other axle. In the Audi R8, this is performed by a directly responsive multi-plate clutch with optimised control system, which permits variable distribution of the torque between front and rear axle.

Due to the mid-engine layout, quattro has been set up with a heavy rear-axle bias in the R8. The transmission is mounted behind the longitudinally installed engine and has an auxiliary drive for a prop shaft, which directs the power to the front axle. There an electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch distributes the torque. With the basic drivetrain configuration, around 15% of the power is directed to the front wheels and 85% to the rear wheels; if required, up to 30% flows to the front almost instantly. A locking differential at the rear axle further enhances the dynamics. Should a wheel on one axle spin, it is braked by the electronic differential lock (EDL).

As is typical of a sports car, the R8 is rear-biased.

In the R8 too, quattro delivers the qualities that have long been characteristic of Audi: outstanding traction, virtually slip-free acceleration, enhanced driving dynamics, improved directional stability – and of course more driving pleasure.

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