quattro – all-wheel drive system with ultra technology

quattro with ultra technology

Anyone who knows Audi, knows quattro ...

... And once you have driven with quattro, you won’t want to drive any other way. Why? Because this drive system puts engine power to the road in such convincing style.


Four-wheel drive. At the ready.

quattro with ultra technology combines driving dynamics with efficiency and helps to cut consumption by up to 0.3 l/100 km. By switching between four-wheel drive and the more efficient front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive is used whenever the driving situation calls for it. The predictive operating strategy activates quattro within a matter of milliseconds.

Cornering. A sure thing.

Actively controlled torque distribution constantly monitors the drive forces and distributes them between front and rear axle to suit current conditions i.e. whatever the driving situation calls for. Torque vectoring assists when cornering by enhancing traction and dynamics. Targeted braking of the inner wheels increases drive torque at the outer wheels.

Full quattro performance

If the wheels on one drive axle reach the grip limit and threaten to spin, the drive power is rerouted to the other axle – smoothly and dynamically. During rapid acceleration or, for example, when the front wheels are standing on snow, a large part of the drive torque is rerouted to the rear axle. With this actively controlled torque distribution, quattro enables improved traction during acceleration and exceptional grip. When cornering at speed, the wheel-selective torque control integrated in the ESC gently brakes the wheels on the inside of the corner, thereby increasing the drive torque at the wheels on the outside of the corner. This enables more precise and more neutral drive behaviour and improves the cornering dynamics.

Now Audi is beginning a new chapter in the history of the quattro:

The new quattro with ultra technology combines this quattro performance with high efficiency, making the all-wheel drive ready for the future.

How does it work?

The gain in efficiency is enabled by two clutches in the drivetrain. These are arranged so that the rear portion of the drivetrain can be completely decoupled. Thanks to the interaction of these clutches with an intelligent operating strategy, quattro with ultra technology offers all the advantages of front-wheel drive when the driving conditions do not require all-wheel drive. To this end, a clutch on the gearbox decouples the propshaft from the rear wheels. An integrated decoupler opens on the rear-axle differential. This cuts out the main cause of drag losses on the rear drivetrain. So, for example, fuel can be saved when driving at a constant speed on the motorway in good weather conditions. To switch on the all-wheel drive, the stationary propshaft can be accelerated to the necessary speed within fractions of a second, and both clutches can be closed again. Consequently, the quattro drive is always ready: before it is needed and without the switch being perceived by the driver.

What happens then?

It is quite simple: the intelligent control of the all-wheel drive works predictively, i.e. using extensive sensors and continual analysis of the ascertained data on driving dynamics, road conditions and driver behaviour, it looks into the future, about half a second ahead. However, it only takes a few fractions of a second to switch on the all-wheel drive. If a driving situation cannot be predicted, for example if the wheels move from dry tarmac to a sheet of ice, the system will react imperceptibly to the sudden change in the coefficient of friction.

How often does this happen?

Over the entire journey, two-wheel drive is sufficient for most sections of the route. In these driving situations, the customer can profit from the more efficient front-wheel drive mode. However, quattro drive offers better driving dynamics in many situations, for example, when cornering, driving fast, accelerating, in bad weather conditions or on unpaved roads. It is always ready whenever it is needed.

The result:

With this new technology, Audi has developed an all-wheel drive system optimised for efficiency, which feels just like permanent systems in terms of traction and driving dynamics. With the new ultra technology, it is designed to set the standard in its class for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – particularly under everyday conditions.

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