The Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz

Audi #SuperQ

St. Moritz winter sport resort the venue for FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. This is the seventh time Audi will be supporting this major highlight of the winter season as the presenting sponsor, continuing the company's tradition in international winter sport. The event will be held February 6 to 19, 2017. The slopes won't be the only place for spectacular feats – international ski stars will also compete off-piste.

In St. Moritz, Audi presents itself as a partner of the athletes and as a host for fans and visitors from around the world: The four rings shape the image of the Swiss holiday resort for two weeks with the start house, barriers, finish arch, awards ceremony backdrop, number vests, shuttle cars and exhibition vehicles. Every evening in the Audi Lounge, ex-skier Marco Büchel receives the winners of the day as well as guests and media representatives for interviews. Those who wish to discover the dynamism of the Audi models during the World Championships will have the chance to do so with the Audi driving experience.

The Audi #SuperQ will also take place in St. Moritz – a race that premiered last year at the World Cup in Kitzbühel. Organized by Audi DTM star and Rallycross world champion Mattias Ekström, athletes from different nations compete against each other on snow and ice.

Don’t miss your chance to find out which athletes will end up the winners in this “discipline”.

Audi #SuperQ St. Moritz: Ski stars on the ice

The Audi DTM driver and Rallycross world champion Mattias Ekström invited international ski stars to the Audi #SuperQ in St. Moritz. At the start of the event in the Swiss ski resort, Peter Fill and Dominik Paris for Italy and Max Franz for Austria joined the national duel. Ekström and Rallycross teammate Toomas Heikkinen gave valuable tips for handling the course on snow and ice. After several practice sessions in the Audi TT RS, Franz showed the best skills and prevailed over the Italian ski-aces in the final.

Subsequently, Fill, Paris and Franz experienced a few hot laps in the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, before they themselves demonstrated their skills in the 560 hp racer from the FIA World Rallycross Championship. It was a welcome change for the ski racers in parallel with the alpine World Ski Championships. “It was a great experience. Driving race cars on the ice for the first time was unique. And of course, with Mattias and Toomas we had the best teachers,” said Fill. The downhill specialist competed as a guest starter in last summer’s Audi Sport TT Cup.

Audi #SuperQ St. Moritz: USA and Team Europe master the ice course

More ski stars have taken up the invitation from DTM and Rallycross champion Mattias Ekström to the Audi #SuperQ in St. Moritz. Breezy Johnson and Jacqueline Wiles for the USA and Tina Weirather (Liechtenstein) and Jan Hudec (Czech Republic) as Team Europe competed in a new alpine discipline: The elite athletes attempted to handle a course of snow and ice as skillfully as possible.

They received some valuable tips from Ekström and his Rallycross teammate Toomas Heikkinen on how to handle on the icy piste. In the final in the Audi TT RS, Team Europe ultimately had their noses in front. As a reward, the winning team also got the chance to sit behind the wheel of Ekström’s 560-hp rallycross car. “Driving on the snow was awesome. It was not easy, but it was a lot of fun. I would do it again anytime,” said Weirather.

Audi #SuperQ St. Moritz: Austria and France in SuperQ duel

DTM and FIA World Rallycross champion, Mattias Ekström, has again invited more ski stars to take part in an interesting innovation alongside the ski slopes – the Audi #SuperQ. Nicole Schmidhofer of Austria went up against Anne-Sophie Barthet of France in this alpine discipline of a different kind: Equipped with spikes and all-wheel-drive, the racers tried to master a course of snow and ice. They received valuable tips about handling the icy conditions from Ekström and his rallycross teammate, Toomas Heikkinen.

In the final with the Audi TT RS, Super-G world champion Schmidhofer prevailed over her French ski rival. Both of the ski stars then had the chance to experience some fast laps as co-drivers in the 560-hp rallycross cars of Ekström and Heikkinen.

Audi #SuperQ St. Moritz: Team Europe in #SuperQ duel with Canada

Audi DTM star and Rallycross world champion Mattias Ekström invited international ski stars to a fast-paced innovation away from the slopes – the Audi #SuperQ. At the end of the event at the Swiss ski resort, Tina Weirather from Liechtenstein and Swiss Niels Hintermann lined up as Team Europe against Valérie Grenier from Canada. Here, the athletes attempted to master the course of snow and ice with spikes and four-wheel drive. They received some valuable tips from Ekström and his Rallycross teammate Toomas Heikkinen for handling on the icy circuit.

In the Audi TT RS, the duo Weirather and Hintermann showed the most skill in the final and drove to victory. It was a welcome change for the ski racers, away from the alpine World Ski Championship taking place at the same time.

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