A real character – the Audi Q2.

The new Audi Q2 enters the stage - an urban model with rough edges, its own independent character and entirely new geometrical design elements. It stands out with its confident appeal, boasting powerful TFSI and TDI engines with 116-190 horsepower and comes with optional permanent quattro all-wheel drive system. Its equipment leaves nothing to be desired and consists of features that were previously reserved for the upper class. And the connectivity? Exemplary with Audi smartphone interface and the latest generation of infotainment and sound systems.


4.19 meters long. 1205 kg weight. 2.60 meter wheelbase. A superior Cd value of 0.30. Those are the base figures. Even more spectacular is what you see: an SUV which at first glance already shows its muscles. With broad shoulders and angular styling, it is brimming with energy and confidence. Experience the Audi Q2.

Sporty Efficiency

Driving dynamics and efficiency are not mutually exclusive for the Audi Q2. The new SUV comes with six engines - three petrol and three diesel. Depending on the engine there is a six gear manual gearbox or an S tronic dual-clutch with seven gears. And four of the units are available with permanent four wheel drive.

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