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Special Exhibition

"Revolution - 50 years of the NSU Ro 80"

The special exhibition "Revolution - 50 years of the NSU Ro 80" sees Audi Tradition honour a special moment in the company's history. In 1967 the luxury NSU Ro 80 car premiered at the IAA in Frankfurt. In the same year, an international jury chose the model to be the car of the year.

You have until May 2018 to discover extraordinary model variants of this design icon from Neckarsulm. In addition to the exhibits displaying the development of the model, we will be showing different versions of this car. Exhibits include the oldest Ro 80 in original condition, Felix Wankel's private Ro 80, design studies by Pininfarina and Bertone, technology demonstrations, and a K70 - the last car developed by NSU, which was ultimately marketed as Volkswagen model VW K70.

Tradition shop – details that demonstrate passion

Audi stands for passion and a moving story. This is also illustrated by the diversity of the products in the traditional shop on the second floor of the Audi Forum. Selected historical model cars, calendars and books of the highlights of the brand's heritage and accessories such as watches with historical logos are waiting for all fans of the more than 100-year history of Audi.