Collect Expertise Program

Would you like to work intensively on our future issues right from the start and acquire cross-interface know-how? Then the Collect Expertise Program from AUDI AG is just the thing for you: a 24-month trainee program for university graduates and young professionals with up to two years of professional experience.

What you can expect

You will gain deeper insight and specific expertise in our future fields through rotations in interface areas, supplemented with the interdepartmental and interdisciplinary activities and events of a trainee program. As a trainee in the Collect Expertise Program, you will gain in-depth insight into your start and target areas as well as into the relevant interface areas of your area of responsibility. You start in what will later be your target area and during the 24-month program period go through two to three additional relevant interfaces in relation to your specific subject area. The rotation schedule is individually tailored to your qualifications and the requirements of your target work area. In addition, interdepartmental building blocks are planned that enable you to further develop yourself individually – and interdepartmentally – and to build up a network within the company.


Your mentor from management and the trainee supervisory team will support and assist you throughout the entire duration of the program. After completing the program, you will have specific specialist know-how, a broad network and comprehensive knowledge that you can use systematically in your further work. The Collect Expertise Program starts with a permanent employment contract with AUDI AG and is aimed at graduates and young professionals with initial specialist experience in relevant future topics at AUDI AG.


  • University graduates and young professionals with up to two years of career experience and with above-average academic performance
  • Relevant expertise, further developed with initial, relevant practical experience
  • Fluent in English; additional foreign languages are an advantage

Your application

The entry-dates for the Change Expertise Program are in May and November each year. The application period starts about 3 months in advance.


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Experienced Professionals

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