Dual Study Master’s Degree

Audi dual is aimed at bachelor’s degree holders who are excited about technology and IT. The program combines studies at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences or the Technical University of Munich with practical assignments at Audi.

We are progress. With you.

What you can expect

The practical assignments take place during the lecture-free periods in a number of divisions at AUDI AG, which we consolidate with each student. Here, you will work independently on projects, which allows you at an early stage to initiate and shape your career path.

Within the framework of the practical semester, you are given the opportunity to gather an international experience at one of our worldwide Group locations.

Depending on the field of study, the study can take place either at Technical University of Ingolstadt (TUI) or at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The respective duration of the program is 2 years (TUI) or 2.5 (TUM) after which you would be granted with a Master degree of Science.


  • Completed a Bachelor’s degree that meets the admission's requirements of the university
  • Initial practical experience as part of academic internships or a graduation thesis in the industry
  • Interest in future topics in the field of mobility
  • Interest in new technologies and trends
  • Knowledge of German (minimum level C1) and of foreign languages, especially English

Offered fields of study

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

In the 4-semester Master’s degree program in “Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence” at the TUM (Technical University of Munich), you will become a specialist in robotics. You will combine knowledge from the fields of informatics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In addition to traditional robotic control, you will delve deeper into the areas of perception, image processing and artificial intelligence.

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Business Information Systems Engineering

Business Information Systems Engineering

The use of business software systems (Business Information Systems) for the efficient implementation of business processes is as natural as it is widespread in companies today. However, the dynamics of the megatrend of digitalisation present companies with enormous challenges in managing their network of integrated business information systems, which has grown over many years, developing them innovatively and keeping them fit for the future. With Business Information Systems Engineering, our German language Master's degree programme at THI, you will prepare yourself professionally and methodically for activities in these extremely practice-relevant subject areas.

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Cloud Applications und Security Engineering

Cloud Applications und Security Engineering

With this Master's program, you will specialize in the design and implementation of modern software concepts with reference to relevant and practical areas of application. The aim of the program is to impart core competencies for cloud-based and secure application development using popular methods and tools. This includes, for example, topics from the fields of virtualization, orchestration, cloud computing, continuous integration, and delivery through to questions regarding secure modern software architectures and networks as well as topics in the context of computer forensics.

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Electrical engineering for mobile systems

Electrical engineering for mobile systems

During the three-semester master’s degree program in electrical engineering for mobile systems at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI), you will learn the engineering methods used in the field of automotive electrotechnical and mechatronic systems development. In addition to your professional expertise, you will also further develop your analytical and methodological competence as well as your ability to scrutinize your own actions.

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Taxation and Accounting

Taxation and Accounting

The master's degree course in Taxation and Accounting particularly qualifies students to take up employment with tax consultancy and accountancy firms as well as in the tax and accounting departments of large companies.Its sound scientific basis and high level of practical orientation ensures students acquire professional training in this field. Special features: The degree course is an important basis in preparing for the tax consultant examination, which you will complete after graduating your dual master course.

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Have we piqued your interest?

The application period for entry for the winter semester 2023/24 begins on 04.07.2022 and ends on 11.09.2022.

The most important questions answered right away

Which documents should I include with my application?

In addition to your completed online application, we require evidence of your educational history so that we can assess your eligibility. This should include your Abitur certificate (A level certificate/high school diploma) and a statement of your previous academic achievements, among others. A covering letter and a CV would also be helpful.
You can scan these documents and attach them to your application as files in the ‘Attachments’ section (preferably in PDF or JPG format).
We are also happy to give you the option to apply for several study courses.

How does the application process for the Audi dual programme work?

After you have submitted your written application to us, you will be invited to take a vocational aptitude test. Please complete this within 14 days.
We will then review all the applications and look at the results of the vocational aptitude tests.
All the applicants who have impressed us will be invited to attend our assessment centre approximately two weeks after the end of the application period.

How many dual-degree places are there at Audi?

Each year we offer 24 places which are divided between Audi dual bachelor’s and master’s degrees and between the respective degree courses (as a rule, two to four places are available per course).

Can I also study my chosen degree course at another university with Audi?

The degree courses offered are continuously reviewed and adjusted to the requirements of AUDI AG. Studying at another university is therefore unfortunately not possible.

Do I also have to apply to the university?

Yes, as soon as you have secured your place on the dual-degree course with Audi, your second step must be to enrol at the university. You must enrol before you can start your degree programme.

How do the practical assignments work?

You will gain your practical work experience at Audi during the times when there are no lectures (semester vacations, practical semester, bachelor thesis). You can undertake your practical assignments in Ingolstadt or in Neckarsulm. You are free to choose your practical assignments and are welcome to match these to your interests – always provided, of course, that jobs are available for you in your chosen department. We also recommend that you look at as many different business units of the company as possible.
In your practical assignments you can take responsibility and implement projects independently. An assignment abroad is also possible.
In many cases, our dual students are also ultimately employed in one of the departments in which they have completed one of their practical assignments.

Will I be taken on by Audi after my dual degree?

All students who successfully complete their dual-degree course within the standard study time are guaranteed a job with us.

How much do dual students (master’s degree) earn with Aud

You will receive financial funding from us every month irrespective of whether you are studying at the university or whether you are currently doing practical work experience with us in the factory. The payment is the same for all dual students; we do not differentiate between degree courses. The amount of financial support is determined by the percentage of the basic monthly pay of salary scale 7 of the collective wage agreement of the metal and electrical industry in Baden-Württemberg (available online). It is:

1st Audi dual training year: 37%
2nd Audi dual training year: 39%
3rd Audi dual training year: 42%

E-mail contact

Do you have any further questions regarding the Audi dual study program? We are happy to help you.


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