Dual Study Master’s Degree

Audi dual targets computer science bachelor graduates. The program combines studies at the Ingolstadt Technical University or at the Technical University of Munich with practical assignments at Audi.

What you can expect

The practical assignments take place during the lecture-free periods in a number of divisions at AUDI AG, which we consolidate with each student. Here, you will work independently on projects, which allows you at an early stage to initiate and shape your career path.

Within the framework of the practical semester, you are given the opportunity to gather an international experience at one of our worldwide Group locations.

Depending on the field of study, the study can take place either at Technical University of Ingolstadt (TUI) or at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The respective duration of the program is 2 years (TUI) or 2.5 (TUM) after which you would be granted with a Master degree of Science.


Offered fields of study

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

In the 4-semester Master’s degree program in “Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence” at the TUM (Technical University of Munich), you will become a specialist in robotics. You will combine knowledge from the fields of informatics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In addition to traditional robotic control, you will delve deeper into the areas of perception, image processing and artificial intelligence.



In the 3-semester Master’s degree course in Informatics at TUI (Technical University of Ingolstadt), students intensify their specialized knowledge and extend their methodological skills relating to key technologies in applied informatics. During the course, students can choose to focus either on Information Systems Engineering or on Security and Safety.

Electrical engineering for mobile systems

Electrical engineering for mobile systems

During the three-semester master’s degree program in electrical engineering for mobile systems at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI), you will learn the engineering methods used in the field of automotive electrotechnical and mechatronic systems development. In addition to your professional expertise, you will also further develop your analytical and methodological competence as well as your ability to scrutinize your own actions.


  • Completed a Bachelor’s degree that meets the admission's requirements of the university
  • Initial practical experience as part of academic internships or a graduation thesis in the industry
  • Fascination with automobiles
  • Interest in new technologies and trends
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, especially English

What else you need to know...

  • As a program participant you receive a monthly salary. That is independent from phase of the program you are currently in.
  • You have the chance to complete a theoretical semester at one of TUI’s international partner university.
  • Within the framework of the program, AUDI AG guarantees an employment. This implies that after a successful completion of the degree, we would employ you on a permanent basis.
  • In advance, you can check the TUI or TUM website for the admission's requirements of the respective Master's program.
  • The program commences annually in the winter semester. The application timeframe is already accessible in the summer of the prior year.

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Career-related events

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