Audi Global Graduate Program

Would you like to start your career as a trainee at Audi and get an overview of the entire company? Would you like to experience the collaboration between the VW Group brands and gain international experience? Would you like to benefit from an excellent interdisciplinary network, a multifaceted competence development as well as a comprehensive mentoring concept from members of the management? – Then the Audi Global Graduate Program is just right for you!

Inspired by Vorsprung, empowered by You

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The perfect career start

Our program is the perfect start for your career at Audi. Not only will you receive a deep insight into the company but also profit from an excellent network and the diverse curriculum. During the program you will be mentored and guided – personally and technically. Right from the start, you will receive an unlimited employment contract. We have summarized the highlights of the program here.

Do you have more questions about the AGGP? Then take a look at our Q&A session about the program!

Overview Audi global graduate program

Program Elements

Onboarding and Graduation Week
Starting with a week full of relevant information about Audi, the company structures, strategies and your personal organisation and ending your program with reflecting and team building with other trainees.

Outside the box
Get some hands-on experience through modules on the production line, the canteens as well as the vehicle delivery.

Networking opportunities
Regular chats with members of the Board of Management, top management or Alumni give you the chance to get to know their view of the company.

Trainee Day
The monthly trainee day allows you to attend lectures and workshops and to discuss ideas with other participants in various exciting areas of the company.

Working groups
You will work in different working groups on topics outside your specialist areas such as in creating the trainee newsletter, consulting other departments or organizing networking events and corporate social responsibility projects.

Agile and digital week
Get yourself qualified within digital and agile competencies.

Exemplary program plan

Starting in one of our strategic job fields

You can choose your personal thematic focus out of our strategic job fields and become an expert for different issues.

Future Business

Facing the challenges of a volatile world, it has never been more important to make change the new constant. From creating a fun and rewarding working environment for our employees, designing a premium digital user experience for our customers, or promoting sustainability in all parts of the company, the possibilities are without limits.


Our intern Carolin from the Digital Experience and Business Team works passionately on the new, digital business areas of our brand. She gives some firsthand insights into how she is designing her assignment plan, including the brand rotation and the foreign assignment.

Data-Driven World

There is more to our cars than the bare eye can see. They are holistic ecosystems integrating multiple digital services. Our passion for IT drives all aspects of our future endeavors, from corporate IT infrastructure to autonomous driving functions. Enter our world of algorithms, networks, and code!


Get to know Apoorva, who joined the Audi Global Graduate Program in the area of Machine Learning and Data Analytics. She reveals exciting insights of how she implements state of the art algorithms. Beyond the projects in her target department, she enjoys the program’s networking opportunities such as the working groups, Trainee Days, and Pretzl Nights.

New Mobility

For us, it's all about the product: engineering requirements in the early phase, creating innovations in simulation and real-life testing or coordinating all technical activities from development to production. Bring in your expertise and experience your ideas coming to life in an all-new Audi.


Meet Marius, who is shaping the future of electric mobility within the drivetrain development. He takes you on a ride in an Audi RS e-tron GT prototype providing insights into his daily work and shows what you can expect from the individual mentoring and the competence weeks of the AGGP!


What is important to us:
We are looking for people who are open-minded and curious, who optimistically face changes and want to work in an international, diverse team. Employees who unlock their full potential within their team. Who set high standards for themselves to make things better and demonstrate willingness to fill Vorsprung with life, every day again. Who want to take responsibility for their work, for Audi, for society, and for the future.


  • University graduates preferably with master's degree with above-average academic performance
  • Minimum of three months of international experience during your academic program through internships or a semester abroad 
  • Practical experience of at least six months through relevant internships
  • Fluent English (as well as knowledge of another language if English is your native language, preferably German)
  • Relevant extra-curricular commitment

Personal competences

  • Passion for future mobility solutions
  • Bring in your global mindset in an innovative and digital work environment
  • Living integrity has a top priority to you
  • Open-minded personality and willingness to change perspective, adapt to new environment, dare to change 

Start of the program

The program starts twice a year in April and October.

Application process


FAQs on the application process

More details

FAQs on the application process

How does the application process work?

Please submit your written application via the Audi job portal. If your qualifications are convincing, you will be invited to a personal interview. The interview will take place via MS Teams and, if you agree, with camera. Here you will meet recruiters and representatives of the department.


The next stage will be an online assessment centre. The entire assessment centre will take one workday and will present you with various tasks. At the end of the assessment centre, you will receive a qualitative final feedback on the selection process.


The entire selection process (application to final feedback) takes about 2.5 months.

How long are positions advertised?

Be prepared. Apply quickly. The application phase runs for a maximum of three weeks.

What are the requirements for an application?

A successfully completed university program (Master’s degree preferred) with above-average academic performance is needed.

Is it possible to apply if you have not yet completed your degree?

You may apply, but you must have completed your Bachelor's degree by the beginning of the programme. A completed Master's degree is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to have completed all coursework by the start of the programme.

What documents should I submit for a complete application?

In order for us to be able to review your application comprehensively, please submit at least a letter of application, CV, proof of internships and a current grade sheet or Bachelor's/Master's certificate. Additional certificates round off your application.

Can I apply for the AGGP as an international applicant?

International applicants are very welcome! We offer support on the subject of visas and relocation.

Can I also apply if I already have work experience?

The program is primarily aimed at graduates but can also help young professionals kick-start a career at Audi.

How important is a knowledge of German?

A basic knowledge of German is an advantage. We also offer language courses for our international participants in the programme to further develop their language skills.

More tips

Convince us with your professionally written application why you are exactly the right person for this position.

Show us your personality, be yourself, and convince us with your strengths.

Our trainees introduce themselves


New perspectives, new challenges, and new links to Audi employees in other departments: the Audi Global Graduate Program (AGGP) creates space for the most diverse experiences. What these are in detail is up to the participants themselves. They can have a say in both the choice of departments and in the specific job content and set priorities themselves. Great solidarity and trust are also standard features of the AGGP community, and this facilitates a lively feedback culture.

Raquel Capistrano, Ingolstadt

Raquel Capistrano, Ingolstadt

“There is an intensive feedback culture in the Audi Global Graduate Program. Responses from other trainees on equal terms really help a lot day to day on both a technical and a personal level.”

More details

Designing the future with a penchant for data

Spanish mother, Filipino father, and born in the US: Raquel Capistrano’s life has effectively been on a multicultural track since she was in the cradle. For this engineer, the fact that Audi can also offer an international business orientation through the Audi Global Graduate Program (AGGP) was a selling point: “After I finished school, it was important to me to get to know a company from as many different perspectives as possible. As an Audi trainee, I’m getting precisely these diverse insights into different departments, although I also noticed early on that I'd need to specialize at some point. Data analysis is my favorite. I actually became even more interested in the auto industry when I first started in the AGGP because I’m convinced that I can do a lot here.”


Apart from the technical training she is receiving, Raquel particularly values the intensive exchange with other participants: “ The community has developed through monthly trainee days and work on joint projects where we share a lot of ideas. What was new for me was the intensive feedback culture. Responses from other trainees on equal terms really help a lot on both a technical and a personal level.”


A big world becomes very small in intimate conversations. Employees from Audi management offer insights into their working environment in very small groups. They don’t only address technical qualifications, but also the human side as well, as Raquel explains: “You get a sense of what it means to have a lot of responsibility and to make good career decisions. That personal exchange is really inspiring. I’ve set a goal for the months that I have left in the Audi Global Graduate Program: I want to proactively start up even more projects. We get this creative leeway in the program and I want to exploit that even more.”

Apoorva Suresh, Ingolstadt

Apoorva Suresh, Ingolstadt

“The Audi Global Graduate Program holds an incredible number of impressions and perspectives. What I’ve learned: efficient time management is incredibly important. Setting priorities, distributing my resources properly, and also taking on tasks involving responsibility – that’s what it’s about.”

More details

Accepting challenges, taking on responsibility

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous driving – that’s where Apoorva Suresh’s passion lies. Within the Audi Global Graduate Program (AGGP) she is doing her part to get these futuristic visions onto the street as soon as possible: “Fully autonomous driving is synonymous with maximum complexity. It is the holy grail for the car industry, and that’s why it’s an extremely exciting topic for me.”


In her first year of the 18-month trainee program, Apoorva, who hails from India, has already worked in several different departments, gained specialist insights, and made lots of new contacts in what is her fourth year in Germany. She emphasizes that there have been many possibilities to develop her own skills and learn new ones: “Compared to the academic work at the university, other areas of focus are required here. The Audi Global Graduate Program holds an incredible number of impressions and changes of perspectives in store. It’s important to keep track of everything, especially at the beginning. Efficient time management is incredibly helpful for this. Setting priorities, distributing my resources properly, and also taking on tasks involving responsibility – that’s what it’s about.”


The efficient teamwork is great support for her: “In the first few weeks, everything was new and different. However, thanks to the support from the individual departments and also from the other trainees, it never became a strain. With the help of the team, we were able to finish projects that I initially thought we’d never make.”

Josef Mayer, Ingolstadt

Josef Mayer, Ingolstadt

“Everyone at Audi is open to improvements and wants to push transformation forward. Trainees from the program are integrated as important driving forces in that process.”

More details

Appreciate every moment

“If you grow up in Ingolstadt, you simply can’t escape the fascination of the brand. With the Audi Global Graduate Program (AGGP) I’ve got the chance to become part of this fascination – right at my doorstep,” says Josef Mayer, explaining his motivation.


Josef sees his future in vehicle design. His tools of the trade include creativity and the power of innovation, but the first six months in the AGGP have already shown him that there’s more to a successful product than design expertise: “After the first three months in the design department, I learned from Marketing just how early this area, too, is involved in the development process. As a designer, of course you want to make cool things and develop new cars. But the cars can’t just look good – they have to be positioned correctly in the market and meet customer requirements. Once you’ve understood those interacting factors, your next draft might look very different.”


Josef wants to use his remaining time as a trainee to connect with as many people as possible in the company and expand his network: “Something I’ve felt in all of my conversations so far is that everyone at Audi is open to improvements and wants to push transformation forward. People always listen open-mindedly to suggestions, and trainees from the program are integrated as important driving forces. That gives me a positive feeling, and I try to consciously appreciate every moment of the AGGP. Because after six months, it’s already totally obvious that this time is flying by.”

Professionals at Audi



Mobility is changing – and Audi wants to help shape it in a sustainable way. We need visionaries – men and women from different disciplines who would like to work with a strong team on the mobility of the future. As we say at Audi: “We instead of me!”

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