3 Questions for Mario

Project Manager for Radar Sensor Development for Automated Driving and Driver Assistance Systems


Mario Keding, Project Manager for Environmental Radar Development

What is your current project/area of responsibility? What are its challenges?

I am currently in charge of two projects. On the one hand, I am primarily responsible for radar sensor development, front and rear radars in the second generation of the Modular Longitudinal Matrix (MLBevo). The development phase has been completed and we are currently in production support. On the other hand, I’m involved in developing nanoradar, which will be used in future vehicle projects.  
The state of the art is developing more and more rapidly. We need to meet the legal requirements of different markets more and more quickly. Because of these two factors, development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Staying on the ball is an exciting challenge.  
Another one – from a technical point of view – is integrating our components and sensors into the tight installation space of the vehicles, accounting for design aspects, the specifications of the sensor supplier, and interplay with the bumper casing in front of the sensor.
The aim is to achieve the best possible sensor perception for our customers in order to build on this to offer premium safety functions right up to an automated driving experience.

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How intensively do you work with colleagues from other departments?

In recent years, we have been working more and more closely together and making much more intensive use of the cumulative expertise and synergies within the Volkswagen Group.
Intensive discussions with other departments and departments quickly lead to a comprehensive picture of the entire company. On the one hand, this is very instructive and, on the other, it provides a good basis for development opportunities throughout the Group, like at our software company CARIAD, for example. This is where we consolidate IT expertise across the Group, from image processing to sensor and control unit technology to system architectures.

What’s important is a pronounced affinity for future technologies and an inner desire to play an active role in shaping the future of mobility. People have to be passionate about cars, open, and able to work in a team.

What does someone need to bring to work in your area?

What is important is a pronounced affinity for future technologies and an inner desire to play an active role in shaping the future of mobility. People need to be passionate about cars, open-minded, and able to work in a team. Another important point is the willingness to make decisions and take responsibility. This allows us to learn from our experiences, share them, and become better together. Especially as a project manager, you are responsible when something goes wrong. Perseverance and a lifelong willingness to learn and to embrace an open culture of mistakes are other important points.

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