Shape tomorrow's premium mobility as an IT expert

Audi is looking for you and a host of other brilliant IT professionals with a pioneering spirit. Become part of the Audi family and develop the augmented reality applications, safety systems and on-board entertainment that will define the future of mobility.

Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron: Power consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km: 24.1–19.5CO₂ emissions (combined) in g/km: 0CO₂ emission class: A

Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron: Power consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km: 24.1–19.5CO₂ emissions (combined) in g/km: 0CO₂ emission class: A

Digital services and features improve the overall driving experience and open up a world of new possibilities. Augmented reality head-up displays, mixed reality applications and solutions for over-the-air updates – software forms the basis for our vision of premium mobility.


Are you a high performer who would like to work independently and in an agile way with exciting new technologies? Then we have the perfect place for you! Let's work together to create solutions that improve the lives of millions of drivers around the world.

The greatest hardware has no value without the right software that brings it to life.

Steffen Schulz, Chief Technical Engineer model range E³

#YouMakeItWork at Audi

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Why we need you

As the Volkswagen Group's software company, CARIAD is working on a uniform technology platform. Based on this, Audi is developing brand-specific digital features. With augmented reality head-up displays, for example, Audi is connecting the virtual and the real world in a way that, until now, has not been possible. The idea of augmenting the driver’s field of vision with additional driver-relevant information is thus entering the next level.


Audi is improving not only safety but also comfort by providing details about speed, road signs, navigation and assistance that can be understood intuitively and that help the driver to predict imminent changes in the driving situation ahead.


The team has also raised the level of precision to new heights when it comes to reaction time, real-time mapping and attention to detail, by rendering both the technology and, in even greater scope, the underlying production process. Augmented reality head-up displays are innovations happening right in front of your eyes. And there is so much more to explore.

What we're working with

PGU and AR Creator – Two components in perfect balance


Audi augmented reality head-up displays are made possible by two essential components. The PGU (Picture Generation Unit) is the heart of the technology, displaying the visual elements for the driver. The AR creator is the software behind that content: it needs to be working perfectly in order to unleash the technology’s full performance capability.

Virtual tests – Developmental processes in the fast lane


Over 1,500 signals from over 160 different systems aboard the vehicle have to be processed, evaluated and aligned to a visual outcome that improves the driver’s situation.


The key to successfully curating this mass of data and implementing a network of that magnitude is testing, testing and even more testing. And not just for one model. We are talking about a fleet of over 50 different models, each with individual needs and features.


But instead if testing vehicle after vehicle, Audi is breaking new ground in testing all code virtually as soon as it leaves the development stage. With a more lean and agile process, failures happen earlier, learning happens faster and the whole process can be significantly accelerated.

Benefits for you

Benefits for you

Not only shape your future, but also discover what Audi can do for you.

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