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In the age of transformation and technological advancement, continuous learning is a key factor for long-term success.

06/12/2024 Reading Time: 3 min

Thomas Hasenbank and Michael Korte are in conversation with an interviewer

Employees who undergo further training invest in themselves – and in the future of Audi. That’s why we’re stepping up our commitment in the area of learning and have created a new central entry page – the Audi Learning Experience (Audi LXP), which connects digital learning offerings from a wide range of providers, e.g., LinkedIn Learning, Speexx.

Thomas Hasenbank, Head of Recruiting/Audi Akademie, and Michael Korte, Head of Advanced Training Ingolstadt, explain the details.

What is the Audi Akademie?

Continuous learning and systematic advanced training are very important at AUDI AG. At the ‘Four Rings’, the Audi Akademie stands for competency development and employee qualification and, together with the company’s specialist areas, ensures that the Audi Group has a competency advantage within its competitive environment.

What have you already learned for your work at Audi, Mr. Korte?
Michael Korte:
Most recently, I have been working on strategic processes – an exciting field. We all learn new things every day, for me it’s like climbing: I set myself goals and, when I achieve them, I enjoy the feeling of success. And so, I always enjoy learning, especially when interacting with colleagues or learning partners. I also very much enjoy using our new digital formats.

And you, Mr. Hasenbank?

Thomas Hasenbank: First of all, it is important for me to say that learning not only takes place in seminars or in web-based training (WBT) courses. We learn by collaborating and interacting with colleagues or by reading the morning newspaper. In addition, I often have the opportunity to take part in seminars myself as well.

Thomas Hasenbank, Head of Recruiting/Audi Academy, is leaning against a wall and looking past the camera

Why is Audi investing in developing its employees’ knowledge?
Thomas Hasenbank: I am convinced that we can and must position Audi for tomorrow through learning. Audi needs very highly-qualified and committed employees for topics such as our development into a “software-driven company” and a large number of new vehicles in the coming years. Learning gives us a future, especially in the transformation of our company. This concerns all of us. We have new trends such as artificial intelligence and e-mobility. We are thus continuously further developing our transformation training.


What does that look like in practice?

Thomas Hasenbank: By increasing the training time from 13 hours per employee in 2022 to 14.4 hours in 2023, we have shown that we are tackling the subject proactively. And we want to gradually increase this number of hours each year. Of course, it is not just time that counts but also the quality of the content. We are expanding our learning content – especially the digital content. Employees can even access selected offerings from home whenever they like. We are talking here about self-regulated learning – for everyone and at any time. I encourage everyone to just give it a try. In the Audi LXP – short for Audi Learning Experience – I can simply log in, select a course and get started whenever I feel like it and have time.

Michael Korte, Head of Training Ingolstadt, is leaning against a wall and looking into the camera

What is special about the Audi Learning Experience?

Michael Korte: It is a modern digital learning world. Our Audi employees can find all of the Audi learning content in it – in one place. I can make optimum use of the Audi LXP by selecting my abilities and prior knowledge right at the start – we talk about “skills” here. The tool takes these skills, prior knowledge and interests into account and suggests training measures individually tailored to the employee – like a kind of advisor who gives me learning suggestions. We have also prepared curated learning paths, for instance on relevant future topics such as e-mobility or artificial intelligence, as a guide.


How are the services offered in the Audi LXP being received by employees?

Michael Korte: Since its launch on 20 November 2023, a good 20,000 employees have already used the Audi LXP for the first time. This is a very pleasing start and we are committed to achieving even more. Lots of positive feedback from learners confirm the path we’re taking and spur us on. Learning content on future topics such as e-mobility, electronics and software architecture is particularly well-received.

What learning content is particularly in demand with regard to the future of Audi?

Michael Korte: In terms of transformation training, the Audi LXP already offers extensive skill plans on agility, data analytics and systems engineering, as well as learning paths concerning AI specialists, autonomous driving or AI chatbots and prompt engineering.

Final question: What else will be new at Audi in terms of learning?
Thomas Hasenbank: Over the past year, we have set the course for the future in many ways and achieved relevant results that increase the importance of learning at Audi. But we must also keep working on it this year and continue the “Audi as a learning system” program.

Michael Korte: One essential change in 2024 is the free access via the Audi LXP to LinkedIn Learning, Haufe eAcademy and Speexx with “English Basic Plus.” These learning offers were chosen based on their content and high relevance for all employees in order to expand skills in English or, for example, current trends such as AI and blockchain.


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