Do you want to find out what makes a brand and a company strong? Do you want to discover where the future of mobility is taking shape and be a part of it? If so, an internship is the best place to start: together with diverse teams, you work on exciting topics and combine theory and practice.

Find the right internship at Audi.

What to expect

With our wide range of internship positions, you are sure to find one that suits your field of study.

As a fully-fledged team member you will be able to look behind the scenes, gaining insights into our workflows and understand how different process steps relate to each other. You will see what makes a successful team, how we achieve our goals together and experience the Audi culture first-hand.

We will guide you on your journey. Take the opportunity to learn more about other areas of the company and deepen your knowledge at various events.

What you need...

What sets you apart:

Your personality.

Your courage.

Your innovative skills.

Your willingness to break new ground and believe in the future.

What else you need to know

More details

What are the prerequisites for an internship?

We offer student internships to all students who have eight to 26 weeks and are enrolled during the entire internship period. Those who are in a gap year between a Bachelor's and Master's degree programme can also complete an internship with us.
International students need a valid residence permit to start their internship.


What do I need to consider when applying?

Submit completed applications for positions that best match your field of study and interests as well as your availability. Apply up to six months in advance. You can specify your exact starting date in the online questionnaire when you apply and confirm it during the interview.

Can I do a voluntary internship?

Internships at Audi can be mandatory, voluntary, or a combination of both. An internship lasts 8 to 26 weeks.

Can I do an internship abroad at Audi?

You can apply for an internship with any of our locations abroad.

On our website you can find Audi Group locations around the world.


Can I combine my internship with a thesis?

Unfortunately, you cannot write a thesis on an Audi topic during your internship.

However, you will have the opportunity to apply for a thesis after completing your internship.

Further information on theses

What is the remuneration for my internship?

You will receive remuneration equal to the statutory minimum wage for both mandatory and voluntary internships.

Your path to Audi – clear and transparent

This is how our application process works:

Get in!

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Insight into my internship

Pascal Braun

from Germany with Russian roots
Steering Corporate Protection / Real Estate Group

“At Audi, I feel part of the team – that makes my time and experience here very valuable. I am happy and proud that my ideas are being heard and implemented."


Sarah Reichelt & Annabell Rückel

Sarah: from Germany, Performance Marketing

“I especially appreciate meeting the people behind the brand, who give me the inspiration and courage to define my own path. Marketing is a super versatile field in which I can further develop my strengths and learn new things.“


Annabell: from Germany, Strategy and Transformation/ Technical Development

"I really appreciate the networking opportunities of the internship. Through these connections I can – in addition to my own work – learn about many other fields, but most of all I can get to know people and their backgrounds.”


Samuel Wardzala

from Poland, raised in Germany
Project management PPE cars

"The internship gives me the chance to constantly deal with complex issues. In addition to expanding my professional network and personal development, I can experience the product development process first-hand and thus be part of the future of mobility design.”


Tooba Batool
from Pakistan
Project application engine

“Support, encouragement and equality: these are the key affirmations that I am doing my job well and I am in the right place. I feel well-integrated here and appreciate the open corporate culture. I can apply my knowledge to different topics and learn a lot about future technologies."


Alexandros Antonios Tzampazis
from Greece
Dealer Consulting / Network Strategy

"My internship gives me the best insight into professional life. I am part of an open-minded, motivated and experienced team. My colleagues’ trust enables me to organize and lead projects on my own. This sometimes requires unusual ideas and creative solutions, often inspired by music, which is an important part of my life.”


View of Ingolstadt with the Reduit Tilly
View of Ingolstadt with the Reduit Tilly

What Ingolstadt has to offer

Audi offers many leisure activities, but Ingolstadt, located in the heart of Bavaria, also provides exciting events and great places to visit.


Highlights at a glance:

  • Located on the banks of the Danube: whether by bike or on foot, you’ll always find a nice route. Boat trips also offer a special experience.
  • Proximity to other cities: you can reach Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg or Augsburg quickly and easily.
  • Numerous destinations: take a day trip and discover the Bavarian forest, the Alps, and many beautiful lakes at any time of year.
  • Enjoy your time in Ingolstadt: stroll through the historic old town and check out one of the numerous beer gardens.
  • Experience our events: attend a wide variety of entertainment like city festivals, exhibitions and concerts.

Find out more about the city of Ingolstadt here.

Career-related events at Audi
Career-related events at Audi


Career-related events

You will receive further information about career opportunities at our events. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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