Whistleblower System

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority for Audi. The only way to protect our company, our employees, and our business partners is to adhere to the laws and act with integrity. Reports on specific indications of potential misconduct by Audi Group employees or our suppliers can be made to the Whistleblower System.
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Do you have any concern or feedback regarding an Audi product or service?

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding products, feedback or complaints about services provided by AUDI AG or our business partners (e.g. car dealerships, workshops), please contact Audi Customer Support.

How to submit reports properly

Everyone must be willing and able to report specific information on regulatory violations made by Audi Group employees. Confidential reports can be made using the Whistleblower System anytime, in any language. Examples include violations of the Code of Conduct or antitrust law, corruption, theft, discrimination, or workplace harassment. In addition to employees, business partners, customers, or other third parties can submit reports if they have specific information about regulatory violations.


Potential violations of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners by suppliers, including serious risks and violations of human rights and environment by direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported to the Investigation Office - as well as reports requiring otherwise immediate action. The Investigation Office will inform the responsible departments, who will process the issue accordingly. This particularly includes taking the necessary measures to minimize or end violations and/or risks.


When the Audi Investigation Office receives a report, it conducts a review in accordance with all of the procedural principles required (such as confidentiality and the protection of whistleblowers). Often, the office must speak with the whistleblowers to review a case and initiate any investigation activities needed. For this reason, it is essential to word your report as clearly as possible. It is helpful if you base your report on the Five Ws and H, specifically:

  • Who? – Who is it about? Who is affected?
  • What? – What happened? Explanation of the circumstances.
  • When? – When did the incident take place?
  • How? – How many times did it happen?
  • Where? – Where did the incident take place?

Whistleblowers should make sure that their descriptions can also be understood by persons who are not familiar with the subject area. It is helpful if you make yourself available for further questions for this purpose. If the whistleblower is prepared to do so but would like to remain anonymous with Audi, they can use the anonymous reporting channels.

Apart from the Audi Investigation Office, other points of contact are involved in handling reports. Following a legitimate report, the Investigation Office usually arranges for the necessary internal investigations to investigative functions (such as special audits or security). The Investigation Office also works with Legal Services and Human Resources to investigate and will initiate any measures deemed necessary.

Protection for all

The Whistleblower System guarantees the highest possible protection for whistleblowers and persons of interest. An investigation is not initiated until the hint has been reviewed thoroughly and if there are concrete indications of a regulatory violation. The information is handled as part of a fair and confidential process. Discrimination, intimidation or hostility resulting from a report to the Audi Whistleblower System will be investigated and penalized under the same process.

Find more information on the procedural principles of the Audi Group Complaints Procedure here.

Where can you submit reports?

AUDI AG's Investigation Office is part of the Compliance organization and central point of contact for reports about regulatory violations in the Audi Group or at suppliers in our Supply Chain. Please contact the Audi Investigation Office via one of the channels listed below.

Contact the Audi Investigation Office

Please read the data privacy statement and the statement of consent before getting in touch.

Ombudspersons in the Volkswagen Group

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Ombudspersons in the Volkswagen Group

Aside from the Audi Investigation Office, there are two external lawyers (ombudspersons) who act as neutral mediators. The external ombudspersons appointed by the Volkswagen Group act as trusted lawyers who receive hints regarding possible regulatory violations and check whether they are plausible and substantive. Ultimately, they pass on all the information in the scope discussed with the whistleblower to the Audi Investigation Office for further processing.

You can find more information and all reporting channels for the ombudspersons here.

Postal address and in person

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Postal address and in person

Postal address:
Whistleblower System
85045 Ingolstadt

In person:
Audi Investigation Office
85045 Ingolstadt

Please send an e-mail to whistleblower-office(at)audi.de to schedule an appointment in advance.

Online reporting channel

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Online reporting channel

It is possible to contact the Investigation Office, share documents and communicate via an online platform. This form of communication is confidential and protected. Whistleblowers have the choice to provide their name or to remain anonymous. A confidential report can be filed with the Audi Investigation Office using this link:

Important note: Should your preferred language not be listed, the hint can also be submitted in any other language. The Audi Investigation Office can also be contacted by e-mail or regular mail in all languages.


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The Audi Investigation Office can be contacted via the following e-mail address:

  • whistleblower-office(at)audi.de


Important note: If you have any questions or inquiries regarding products, feedback or complaints about services provided by AUDI AG or our business partners (e.g. car dealerships, workshops), please contact Audi Customer Support.

24/7 hotline

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*Some countries do not have access to the toll-free international hotline. In this case, please use the telephone number (charges apply) or the country-specific telephone number.

Do you have further questions?

Questions or suggestions for improvement concerning the Whistleblower System can also be addressed to the Investigation Office. If you have been interviewed in terms of an investigation, you have the possibility to give feedback to the Ombudsperson as independent body.

External Reporting Channel of Germany

The German government has defined a designated authority, that also accepts reports on misconduct as external reporting channel. The external reporting channel is the Federal Office of Justice (Bundesamt für Justiz) (BfJ - Hinweisgeberstelle (bundesjustizamt.de)).


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