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Bayern Munich and Audi – a text-book example of a success story. This year, the two partners are opening a new chapter in this story. Women’s team footballers Lina Magull, Lineth Beerensteyn and Lea Schüller explain what this future will look like in an interview at the FC Bayern Campus in Munich.

12/12/2021 Reading Time: 3 min

“Looking back doesn’t do that much. Even though it can be nice – you have to look ahead.”

Lineth Beerensteyn

The mood at the FC Bayern Campus is confident – the first joint appearance of FC Bayern Women with their new partner, Audi, means the opportunity for all parties to put their common future into words for the first time. A number of expectations, goals and hopes are given the space to be expressed and realized first. The new partnership is to be a springboard for these. A certain tension is apparent in the anticipation too – it’s important to convey particularly clear messages now because this is about women’s football and the demands are, as always in this environment, very high. But that does not deter our interviewees. Quite the contrary: they have been navigating this discourse for a long time, place the highest expectations on themselves anyway and use such conversations to shape a better future with their football.

“We have made significant progress in recent years, but I believe there is still a lot of upward potential.”

Lina Magull

When asked how to turn a personal vision of the future into concrete progress, more than one professional woman footballer comes up with the keyword ‘creativity’. Creativity advances both their own team and the game as a whole. Only through the conscious decision to question the game, and thereby existing structures, do you get into the creative process that results in especially exciting football, stresses team captain, Lina Magull. Only those who trust this process and stick with it can shape a progressive future. Creativity, in particular, is a crucial issue for Magull; it allows her a change of perspective within the game and creates exciting moments which delight the player and the fans the most at the same time.

Progressive football thrives on creativity and a change of perspective

On the football pitch, however, these creative moments are not solely responsible for what is special about women’s football. A great deal of importance is attached to the players’ individual tactics, with which they can present a uniquely fascinating sport in terms of athleticism. An above average discipline also distinguishes the sport, according to forward Lea Schüller. For instance, some professional female players in German clubs take on a side job or attend university in addition to their work as athletes in order to pursue other career goals outside of the sport — and this discipline is steadily paying off. Increasing media exposure and big-name partnerships are opening more and more doors for female footballers, taking their careers in football and beyond to a new level. Overall, the future aspirations of our protagonists reveal a vision for the next chapters of football that extends far beyond their own club. It is this versatility and positive attitude with which the FC Bayern women impress in their new partnership with Audi.

Lineth Beerensteyn, a midfielder from the Netherlands, has been with FC Bayern for four years and has been able to experience the team in different configurations over the years. About her current team she says that she has found a real team spirit here that she feels both on and off the pitch. She is not alone in this perception.


The women of Bayern Munich are not just aiming for their own success but championing a better future for national and international women’s football.

But quite apart from their ambitions to help other clubs as well, the women footballers bring a healthy dose of genuine FC Bayern ambition onto the pitch. It’s a matter of showing full commitment to the team, of being able to get involved in defensive tackling from time to time and taking a certain delight in making your teammates look better. Because, in the end, for Beerensteyn, Magull and Schüller it’s essentially about winning.


Yes, they are already successful today, but they want to be even more successful in the coming years. That can mean greater visibility for their team and for women’s football, it can also mean driving the sport forward with creative processes, and, eventually, it can also mean winning every match.


At FC Bayern Women no one aim excludes another because they all mean a better future for football as a whole.

“Leading the way is definitely something that Audi and our squad have in common – as well as the ambition to be first.”

Lea Schüller

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