Impressive impressions: a progressive look at the Audi Football Summit

Experience progress in a visual way. The Audi Football Summit became the subject matter for four sports photographers. With creative ingenuity, they interpreted events on the pitch in their own inimitable fashion.

08/11/2021 Reading Time: 3 min

See football in a new way

A change of perspective is often the source of great inspiration, of moments when you can see the world of the future today. Audi aspires to use this inspiration, to actively encourage it and to bring about progress and progressiveness through new perspectives.

It’s a characteristic that connects the company with its partner Bayern Munich FC. During the pre-season friendlies against Ajax Amsterdam and SSC Napoli at the Audi Football Summit, four renowned sports photographers were asked to show their own personal perspective on football and their interpretation of the theme of ‘progression’. The result: four impressive series of images in which the visual world of football has been reinterpreted.

Shifted perspective: Lorenz Holder

“I associate progressiveness with the constant search for ‘the new’. New locations, new angles, techniques and even new sports represent progression for me. In football photography, the emphasis is usually on reportage and documentary. My aim was to bring a breath of fresh air to football photography with tilt-shift perspective and motion blur and to invent a rather artistic style that conveys a visual image to the observer that he or she wasn’t aware of from football.”

Lorenz Holder developed his passion for photography from winter sports. He is fascinated by photos that manage to capture a complex story in one single small moment.

Reportage photography: Julian Baumann

“The reportage format is fascinating in football in those areas where the TV cameras no longer look. In the tunnel, in the changing room and left and right of the pitch. The photo of Jamie Lawrence from the FC Bayern Campus is an example of this and brilliantly describes the theme of ‘progression’. As an up-and-coming young player, Jamie got the opportunity to step into the limelight at the Audi Summit. Working with young talent is playing an increasingly important role in football, and to me this photo conveys the emergence of a new generation.”

Julian Baumann is a successful reportage photographer and, as a Munich native, a fan of FC Bayern. It wasn’t the first time he had photographed ‘his’ club. His look behind the scenes shows more than just the ordinary.

Point of view: Markus Fischer

“I find the point-of-view (POV) perspective so exciting because, as the observer, you are right in the thick of it and see what the player sees: the view of the opponents, the perspective from the goal or the view from the players’ tunnel into the stadium. The dynamics of POV shots are unique and bring the scenes to life.”

Markus Fischer lives a very active lifestyle which influences his photography in the field of action sports. He repeatedly relies on new technologies and techniques to create unusual angles. His series of images from the Audi Football Summit literally takes the observer straight on to the pitch with the players.

Close-up: Gian Paul Lozza

“For my interpretation of progressive football photography, I firstly turned to the graphic world and the clear, symmetrical lines of the current Audi models for my inspiration. I also wanted to convey ‘closeness’ to the observer to bring football to life more and portray the players as more human. Sweat, conflict, defence – not only the shot at goal, but all situations on the field should be tangible.”

Gian Paul Lozza’s photographs are the result of a clear and precise vision. Respected worldwide for his portraits and landscapes, the Swiss national is especially famous for his heroic sports photography. In this he captures the human form with the same sculptural rigour that he applies to his landscape photography.

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