Together4Integrity (T4I) is the integrity and compliance program of the Volkswagen Group. It consolidates all existing measures that strengthen culture, ethics, compliance and integrity. T4I is based on the principles of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), a globally recognized standard for ethical corporate principles.

The approximately 130 measures of the T4I program form the framework for following the rules and acting with integrity within the Volkswagen Group. These include, for example, the Code of Conduct with its associated training measures as well as the Whistleblower System. T4I will be rolled out throughout the Volkswagen Group by 2025. Most of the measures have already been implemented at the AUDI AG sites in Germany and almost all employees have some kind of interaction with T4I. This creates robust systems and processes that prevent compliance and integrity risks in all functional areas and thus eliminates the causes that allowed serious misconduct to arise in the past.

“Compliance and integrity are just as important as our economic goals. With T4I, we are making our corporate governance stronger.”

“Compliance and integrity are just as important as our economic goals. With T4I, we are making our corporate governance stronger.”

— Christian Bechheim, Head of Post-Monitorship & T4I

Integrity and compliance are firmly entrenched in the strategy at Audi. That much is also evident from the fact that our Board of Management members have made personal commitments to implement T4I. Based on that, our goal for T4I is to make Audi a better company.


The methodological design of T4I follows the five fundamental and recognized principles of the international Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI):

  • Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Acting with integrity
  • An culture of open discussion
  • Taking on responsibility even in the case of misconduct
We want to make the company better in terms of its structures but also inspire people to follow the rules and act with integrity.

Christian Bechheim, Head of Post-Monitorship & T4I

Cultural change is a matter of particular significance. It is a matter of getting through to people and strengthening their own drive to act with integrity. With that in mind, the aim is to enable all employees to work together as equals, create freedom for creativity and not only allow but also encourage people to address mistakes openly and honestly. The seven Volkswagen Group Essentials lay the groundwork for this. They define how we want to work together at Audi and in the Group. They complement the Code of Conduct, which specifies the general rules of conduct with regard to compliance with laws and internal guidelines.

Rollout at the Audi Group

Audi has been working on implementing the T4I program since 2018 and is responsible for rolling it out at the companies and national sales operations of the Audi Group. That includes Audi Mexico, Audi Brussels, Audi Hungaria, Ducati and Lamborghini, for instance. T4I has already been introduced in 36 companies in 20 countries.


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