Information on Corporate Governance Practices

The business operations of the Audi Group are based on the following corporate governance practices, implemented beyond the requirements laid down by law.

Audi Code of Conduct

The Audi Code of Conduct lays down the key principles that apply to day-to-day work in the Company. We therefore express how Audi perceives itself and the fundamental rules that govern its actions. Above all we provide guidance, advice and support on ethical behavior at the workplace, as a business partner and as a member of society. The Code of Conduct is aligned with that of the Volkswagen Group and applies Group-wide to Audi, as well as being mandatory for all employees, regardless of their position in the hierarchy. Since October 2017, all newly appointed employees have also received compulsory training on the Code of Conduct. 

The Audi Code of Conduct is available for downloading here.

Audi Code of Conduct

37 pages, EN


3.1 MB

Corporate Policies

To maintain the Company’s sustainable, long-term ability to compete, risks in the day-to-day activities should be avoided. Through its Corporate Policies Audi ensures that existing laws are complied with and that entrepreneurial risks are avoided.


Because the Corporate Policies apply to all employees across the whole Company, these policies also have the function of protecting employees, assets and not least the Company’s reputation.


Since April 2017, a process has been underway to replace the previous Board Directives with new Corporate Policies. The conclusion of the consolidation process means there are now exclusively Corporate Policies, alongside Volkswagen Group Policies and Audi Brand Group Policies.


The Corporate Policies as well as other Company stipulations are available to all employees on Audi mynet (Knowledge Center – Corporate Regulations).

Whistleblower System

Compliance & Risk Management

Whistleblower System

The whistleblower system provides both internal and external points of contact for individuals who wish to report breaches of the law and regulations.

Corporate Guidelines

Corporate Guidelines

Voluntary undertakings and principles that apply across the Group form the basis and backbone of our strategic sustainability objectives.


Audi worldwide

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