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Here you can find the latest figures of the Audi Group.

Audi Group in fiscal year 2022

January until September 2022

Deliveries Audi Group



Operating profit


EUR billion

(Operating margin: 14.0%)



EUR billion

Net cash flow


EUR billion

R&D ratio


Capex ratio


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Further financial publications

Assessment of the third quarter of 2022

Operations & Integrity 10/28/2022

Assessment of the third quarter of 2022

The Audi Group continues to be successful in a challenging market environment.

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Multi-year comparison of the key performance indicators of the Audi Group

  2019 2020 2021
Deliveries to customers of the Audi brand [¹] (cars) 1,845,573 1,692,773 1,680,512
Revenue (EUR million)  55,680 49,973 53,068
Operating profit  (EUR million)














Return on investment (ROI) (percent)







Net cash flow (EUR million) 3,160 4,589 7,757
Research and development ratio  (percent) 7.9 7.3 7.4
Ratio of capex [³] (percent) 4.9 3.8 3.8

[¹] Including delivered vehicles built locally by the associated company FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company, Ltd., Changchun (China) 

[²] Taking into account special items, in particular in connection with the diesel issue

[³] Investments in property, plant and equipment, investment property and other intangible assets according to cash flow statement in relation to revenue 


The non-financial indicator of deliveries to customers reflects the number of new automotive vehicles of the Brand Group Premium (Audi, Lamborghini & Bentley) handed over to customers.

The non-financial indicator of deliveries to customers reflects the number of new automotive vehicles of the Brand Group Premium (Audi, Lamborghini & Bentley) handed over to customers.


  Deliveries of the Brand Group Premium [¹] Compared with the prior-year level Deliveries of the Brand Group Premium, accumulated YTD [¹] Accumulated compared with the prior-year level
January 2022 137,100 -12.4%
February 2022 109,500 -10.6% 246,700 -11.6%
March 2022 144,100 -22.6% 390,800 -16.0%
April 2022 104,100 -39.5% 495,000 -22.3%
May 2022 137,000 -20.4% 632,000 -21.9%
June 2022 165,600
July 2022 138,500
August 2022 132,400 +12.5% 1,068,500 -14.6%
September 2022 143,800 +39.9% 1,212,300 -10.5%
October 2022 133,600
1,345,900 -7.4%
November 2022 135,900 +24.3% 1,481,800 -5.2%
Dezember 2022 156,900 +24.5% 1,638,600 -3.0%

[¹] rounded-off figures

The Bentley brand has been included in deliveries since consolidation in January 2022.


More details

  Deliveries of the Audi brand [¹] Compared with the prior-year level Deliveries of the Audi brand, accumulated YTD [¹] Accumulated compared with the prior-year level
January 2021 155,700 +0.1%
February 2021 121,800 +31.1% 277,600 +15.5%
March 2021 185,300 +64.3% 462,800 +31.1%
April 2021 171,200 +107.9% 634,000 +45.6%
May 2021 171,400 +44.5% 805,400 +45.4%
June 2021 176,300 +15.0% 981,700 +38.8%
July 2021 146,800 -8.9% 1,128,500 +29.9%
August 2021 117,200 -20.0% 1,245,700 +22.7%
September 2021 102,000 -40.8% 1,347,600 +13.5%
October 2021 98,400 -39.9% 1,446,100 +7.0%
November 2021 108,800 -34.6% 1,554,900 +2.5%
December 2021 125,600 -28.4% 1,680,500 -0.7%

Anticipated development in the key performance indicators of the Audi Group (2022 fiscal year)

The current guidance of the Premium Brand Group for 2022 has been updated and already includes the foreseeable near-term consequences of the global economic and supply challenges. 

Severe effects of the further course of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the potential impacts on the global economy cannot be predicted with sufficient certainty. The development of the commodity markets also remains unpredictable, which in turn may have significant effects on the valuation of raw material hedges. In addition, negative effects from a worsening COVID-19 pandemic, high inflation rates and the challenging supply situation could have a negative impact.

Key performance indicators Forecast 2022
Deliveries of cars of the Premium brand group to customers Adjusted: between 1.65 and 1.75 million vehicles
Revenue Adjusted: between EUR 60 and 63 billion
Operating return on sales Adjusted: between 11 and 13 percent
Return on investment (ROI) Adjusted: between 19 and 22 percent
Net cash flow between EUR 4.5 and 5.5 billion
Research and development ratio slightly above the strategic target corridor of 6 to 7 %
Ratio of capex within the strategic target corridor of 4 to 5 percent

Key performance indicators of the Audi Group in a nutshell

The basis for the management of the Audi Group is a value-oriented corporate management approach in combination with the following key performance indicators, which are important drivers of our corporate development and support the goals of our strategy.

Deliveries to customers of the Premium brand group
Auslieferungen an Kunden

The non-financial indicator of deliveries to customers reflects the number of new vehicles of the Audi. Bentley and Lamborghini handed over to customers. This performance indicator reflects demand from customers for our products and reveals our competitive and image position in the various markets worldwide. Strong demand for our products has a major impact on production, and consequently also on the capacity utilization of our sites and the deployment of our workforce. In addition, a continuing high level of vehicle deliveries reflects high customer satisfaction. 


The financial key performance indicators include Audi Group revenue, which is a financial reflection of our market success. 

Operating profit /operating return on sales
Operative Umsatzrendite

Another key performance indicator is the operating profit of the Audi Group. This key figure represents the economic performance of our core business as well as the economic performance of our fundamental operational activity, and is defined as follows:



– Cost of goods sold

– Distribution costs

– Administrative expenses

+ Other operating income

– Other operating expenses

= Operating profit


Our financial key performance indicators also include the operating return on sales of the Audi Group:

Operating return on sales = Operating profit / Revenue 

Return on investment (ROI)
Return on Investment

A further key performance indicator is return on investment (ROI). This reflects how effective our business activities are, by considering the return achieved on the capital employed over a given period. Return on investment already takes account of CO₂ compliance measures and can therefore also be understood as return on investment after CO₂.

Return on investment (ROI) = Operating profit after tax / Average invested assets 

Net cash flow

Net cash flow, which serves as a benchmark of the Audi Group’s level of self-financing, is calculated as follows:


Cash flow from operating activities

– Investing activities attributable to operating activities

= Net cash flow

Research and development ratio
Forschungs- und Entwicklungskostenquote

The research and development ratio expresses Audi’s innovative strength and also ensures that it maintains competitive cost structures.


Research and development ratio = Research and development activities / Revenue

Ratio of capex

The ratio of capex is another indicator of the Audi Group’s competitiveness.


Ratio of capex = Capex according to the cash flow statement / Revenue


Capex includes investments in property, plant and equipment, investment property and other intangible assets according to the cash flow statement. Here, capital investment in essence comprises financial resources for modernizing and expanding our range of products and services, for optimizing our capacities and for improving the Audi Group’s production processes. Investment decisions are requested by the specialist areas, then scrutinized and prioritized by Investment Controlling and the “Investment Group” corporate committee. Major decisions affecting investment policy are also approved by the Company’s Supervisory Board. 

Audi Report 2021
Audi Report 2021


Audi Report 2021

Welcome to the Audi Report 2021, the combined annual and sustainability report from AUDI AG. This report combines financial perspectives as well as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in a unique and transparent manner.

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