The automotive industry is experiencing radical upheaval. The Audi Group is likewise in the process of redefining itself for the future and playing an instrumental role in shaping the transformation as we head into a new age of mobility. Step by step, the Company is implementing its strategy.

Unleash the beauty of sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility means:

  • In the long term, we will offer CO₂-neutral premium mobility.
  • In the medium term, we will offer the strongest range of electric models amongst the premium competitors.
  • By the middle of the coming decade, we will sell about a million electrified cars each year.
  • By 2025, we will have reduced the CO₂ footprint of the Audi fleet by about 30 percent over the entire lifecycle. In this way, we will improve Audi’s environmental impact.
  • We aim to be completely CO₂-neutral by 2050 at the latest.
Unleash the beauty means:
  • We want to be the most progressive premium brand with the best customer experience.
  • We want to be the brand with the greatest appeal, fascinating customer-relevant innovations and breathtaking design.
Our mission:

Our mission:

We act purposefully, systematically and with our full efforts – in other words, consistently. That is why our mission is “Consistently Audi.”

What are our goals?

  1. Consistently customer
    We want Audi to become the company with the most satisfied customers.
  2. Consistently electric
    We will move to the forefront of electric mobility.
  3. Consistently connected
    We are creating an open digital ecosystem.
  4. Consistently sustainable
    We conduct our business responsibly, transparently and with integrity. We act in harmony with ecology and economy and with a clear long-term perspective.

Chief Strategic Officer Jan Michel explains the new strategy

Strategy 08/20/2019

Chief Strategic Officer Jan Michel explains the new strategy

“Consistently Audi” | Jan Michel, Chief Strategic Officer at Audi, explains the new strategy and why bypassing electric mobility is out of the question.

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At Audi, the guarantee of competitiveness and value-oriented and sustainable actions are strongly anchored in the company.

Operations & Integrity

Compliance and risk management

The reduction of risk is vital in order to ensure the success of corporate strategy in the long term.

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CO₂ – the currency of the future

Talking Business 06/18/2019

CO₂ – the currency of the future

How Audi is shrinking its corporate carbon footprint and why this is key to making itself future-proof – a look at the new “Consistently Audi” strategy.

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