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Driving innovation and networking pioneers: The holding company A4nXT GmbH invests in start-ups and strategic cooperation projects, is the link to the specialist departments in the company, and thereby lays the foundation for an expansive network. The goal: To develop new technologies together with external partners, to open up additional business models and to bring them to market maturity as quickly as possible.

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Living Vorsprung durch Technik

Innovations are essential in order for a company to stand out from the competition and keep up with the times. For AUDI AG in particular, which has "Vorsprung durch Technik" at the core of its brand, progress is deeply anchored within its corporate identity. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audi, A4nXT GmbH enables external innovations to be incorporated more quickly by facilitating early investment in young companies. In this way, A4nXT GmbH promotes the innovative strength of AUDI AG and supports the implementation of the corporate, brand and product strategy.

The three levers of A4nXT GmbH

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Holding – A4nXT GmbH holds minority stakes in promising start-ups and strategic joint ventures. This results in a strong portfolio which benefits everyone involved.




Link – A4nXT GmbH networks Audi's specialist departments with suitable start-ups and strategic partners at eye-level. This results in a mutual transfer of knowledge that strengthens the innovative power of both the young companies and Audi.




Investor – A4nXT GmbH invests in up-and-coming, strategically relevant companies for AUDI AG. With a reliable partner at their side, creative approaches and the resulting products and services are brought to market maturity.



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Driving innovations together

Investing in promising companies is part of the transformation at Audi. A4nXT GmbH does not limit its selection of start-ups to firmly defined fields of development. Instead, all companies that have proven themselves as innovation drivers and can contribute to implementing the corporate strategy "Vorsprung 2030" can be considered. The goals and fields of action anchored there are, for example, about stronger differentiation from the competition in electromobility, but also about the effective use of resources and an optimized customer experience.


The results of A4nXT GmbH and its holdings can already be seen and experienced in Audi's products. For example, virtual reality technologies from holoride will soon be integrated into various Audi vehicle models with the latest upgrade of the modular infotainment system (MIB 3).The XL2 joint venture with Capgemini

and the Audi spin-off Aerofoils are also part of the A4nXT product portfolio.

Interested in a strategic partnership?

You have an aspiring start-up and are looking for a strong partner to shape the mobility of the future together? Then get in touch with A4nXT.


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