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As the world's largest automotive market, China is of particular strategic importance for Audi. The company therefore works with two local partners. Together with them, Audi not only produces vehicles in the country, but also develops market-specific technologies and manages sales in the market.

Headquarters Beijing

Audi China was founded in 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG in Beijing. The company has over 600 employees and coordinates business between AUDI AG, the FAW Group, the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture and the second partner SAIC. President of Audi China is Jürgen Unser. Audi China's business units include Audi R&D Beijing, Brand Management and Sales & Marketing, Digital Business, Corporate Strategy and Planning, Audi China Sourcing and Quality/Technical Services.

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Foundation Audi China

ca. 600

Employees 2022



Production in 2022

Standort Changchun: First Automobile Works (FAW)

The city of Changchun, which has a population of around 7.7 million, is home to China's oldest and largest automotive group, First Automotive Works (FAW). The site was founded in 1991. The Audi A4 L, A6 L, A6 L TFSIe, Q5 L, Q5 L Sportback and e-tron model series are currently being built here for the Chinese market.

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Production 2022

Location Changchun: Audi FAW NEV Company Ltd.

With the establishment of the Audi FAW NEV Company Ltd., a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is also being built in Changchun for all-electric Audi models. The plant is being constructed on a site of around 150 hectares and, as the newest production facility, it is setting new standards in terms of digitalization, efficiency, and sustainability. From late 2024, its production lines will be turning out mid- and top-range electric models based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform.

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more than


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Audi Standort China Changchun

Location Foshan

As part of the joint venture with Volkswagen and First Automotive Works (FAW), Audi has been present at a second local production facility in China since the end of 2013. The Foshan production site is located in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. The Audi Q2L and the Q2 L e-tron are currently rolling off the production line here for the local market.

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Production 2022

Location Tianjin

Audi has been producing the Audi Q3 in Tianjin since 2019 and the Audi Q3 Sportback since 2020. A total of 77,022 models rolled off the assembly lines here in 2022.

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Production 2022

Location Qingdao

Qingdao is the newest branch of the FAW-VW family. Opened in 2018, the FAW-VW production facility is located in Jimo District, about 60 kilometers from the city center. It has been producing the A3 Sportback and A3 L sedan since 2020.

In addition to producing cars, the plant also has production facilities for high-voltage batteries. The batteries from Qingdao electrify the Audi Q2 L e-tron, which is produced in Foshan.

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Production in 2022

Location Anting (Shanghai)

Audi has been working with SAIC Volkswagen in Shanghai since 2021. The two-partner strategy gives Audi its largest model portfolio in China to date. The partner SAIC produces the Audi A7 L and the Audi Q5 e-tron in Anting (Shanghai). This all-electric Audi model is manufactured exclusively for China.

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Audi production in 2022

Location Ningbo

SAIC manufactures the Audi Q6 Roadjet at the Ningbo plant on Hangzhou Bay. In addition to the production facilities including a press shop, a body shop, paint shop and assembly halls, the site includes a technology center, a training center and an energy center.

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